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Current Projects

Metropolitan Community College's Master Plan Update for Campuses and Centers is complete, the implementation has begun and the progress is evident on MCC's Fort Omaha Campus. Recent additions on the south end of campus—the Sorensen Parkway entrance, the Institute for the Culinary Arts and the
renovation of the historic Mule Barn—have already led to increases in community collaboration. These changes are just the start of the transformation.

Classroom Research Pilot with Herman Miller

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MCC is collaborating with local supplier AOI and Herman Miller on a project called the Learning Spaces Research Program (LSRP). The program works with higher education institutions to pilot and research new approaches to educational spaces. MCC will test new instructional spaces and receive feedback from students and faculty on furniture, technology, and design. The team from Herman Miller and AOI will study MCC's feedback and implementation to better inform the design of our new buildings.

The above video is a summary of the kick-off meeting with Herman Miller's LSRP Educational Consultant, Derrell Jackson.

Programming Progress Update

Elkhorn Valley Campus

BVH Architects presented to the Board of Governors a preliminary brief of their Program Statement for the Arts and Classroom Building at Elkhorn Valley Campus. Their proposed program includes a new building with a physical connection to the north end of the existing building. The current Arts and service spaces would be vacated, creating space in the existing building to be reallocated for math, science, and general education uses.

Objectives of the project include:

  • Design a new Arts, Languages, and General Classroom building that will serve as the focal point of the Elkhorn Valley Campus
  • Renovate available space in the existing Elkhorn Valley building to accommodate the most efficient and effective space reallocation program.
  • Create a specific identity for the Elkhorn Valley Campus as a connected, community-oriented center for the arts.
  • Create better connectivity and flow for pedestrians in and around the two academic buildings and parking lot.
  • Maximize exposure to Dodge Street.
  • Provide new equipment and furnishings as required for flexibility and usability.

Fort Omaha Campus

MCC's Master Plan Update calls for Centers of Specialization,  including migration of construction-related trades programs to the Fort Omaha Campus. After a preliminary presentation of the current programming information in early October, HDR Architects are meeting with individual program areas to assure they have allotted appropriate space and support for the construction related programs slated to migrate to Fort Omaha Campus. Instructors and staff are beginning their own transition to a new Problem-Based Learning model, where the new facility will allow more collaboration between distinct areas of the trades.

Building Programming Explained

This effort is an in-depth process of envisioning for future program delivery supported by stakeholder consensus and space needs. The entire campus and surrounding community is invited to participate in the process of providing a vision for new learning and community spaces on campus. The architectural programming phase includes calculating space used by each department and making projections for future needs based on enrollment trends. Defining an overall vision for these brand new spaces will occur before any determinations are made on departmental changes.

What You Can Expect

For updated Elkhorn Valley Campus and Fort Omaha Campus programming meetings and information please see below.

Programming is underway for three separate endeavors. Helping to identify needs and develop ideas for the proposed building projects are three local architecture firms, selected by campus administration. HDR Architecture is currently meeting with students, faculty, and staff to develop ideas for the CAET (Center for Advanced & Emerging Technologies) and Construction Education Center. Holland Basham Architects will be working on programming of a Classroom and Student Services facility also at FOC, and Bahr Vermeer Haecker Architects will begin programming an Arts and General Classroom facility at the Elkhorn Valley Campus.

New buildings as well as re-use of existing facilities will all be possibilities at this time. MCC’s Facilities Master Plan was updated in 2010 to account for growth in space and facilities as the college’s population changes. The Master Plan update emphasizes smart and sustainable growth to coincide with the college’s long-term vision.

Center for Advanced & Emerging Technologies

& Construction Education Center (FOC)

Staff at the Campus Planning & Sustainability Department (CPS) are facilitating the next stages of implementing MCC’s Campus Master Plan. HDR Architecture was selected for a new Center for Advanced and Emerging Technologies and Construction Education Center at the Fort Omaha Campus (FOC). Our shared vision: “Establish a dynamic learning environment fostering collaboration, integration, creativity and achievement.”

Project Documents

Meeting Information
Project Kick-off Meeting Notes from HDR Meeting 2/27/2012
Town Hall Follow-up & MindMixer Demo Powerpoint Presentation (3/20/2012)


Meeting Notes from HDR Meeting 3/20/2012

Focus Group Meetings Facilities Focus Group Meeting Notes
Technology Focus Group Meeting Notes


Student Services Focus Group Meeting Notes

Faculty/Users Focus Group Meeting Notes

Faculty Presentation HDR Presentation of Construction Education Center (CEC)
Industry Leaders 'Charrette' on CAET

Project Presentation

One-page Charrette Summary

Arts and Classroom Building (EVC)

Creative ideas need a place to germinate and grow, so an educational facility devoted to creativity is proposed for the Elkhorn Valley Campus. The Arts and General Classroom building will house career-oriented visual arts programs such as photography, interior design, animation, game design, web design and graphic design. The center will take career art programs to the next level and prepare visual arts students to become art entrepreneurs. It will be a center for creative capital where current and future small business owners from all sectors of the economy can develop right-brain approaches to their business planning. It will also blend entrepreneurial training with creative approaches to general education to prepare transfer students for their four-year degrees. An expanded Gallery of Art and Design, paired with flexible community arts education space, will extend Omaha's thriving art community west and enrich the lives of learners of all ages.

Project Documents

Meeting Information
Visioning Session

Meeting Notes from BVH Meeting 3/11/2012

Powerpoint Presentation (4/11/2012)

Faculty/Staff Retreat

Notes on Campus Needs

Notes on Departmental Needs

Programming Discussion with Paulien & Associates

Paulien Trends Presentation

Notes from Paulien Meetings

Programming Discussion on EVC back-fill with Paulien & Associates Paulien Trends Presentation
- EVC Back-fill
BVH Architects presented an initial programming statement to at November Board of Governors Meeting BVH BOG Presentation