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Code School coming to MCC to offer full IT skillset

This fall, those looking to dive into the computer coding world can turn to Metropolitan Community College.

The College will open its MCC Code School for the fall quarter. The nine-month noncredit program will help students learn the skills and programs necessary to secure jobs as software and web application developers.

The time is right for a Code School because the need for technology talent is high, said director of MCC Workforce Innovation Division, Victoria Novak.

“The reason why we’re doing this now is because going back to WID, our intention is to align with business and industry needs to be able to fill its workforce,” she said. ““What the MCC Code School will bring to the Omaha area is two-fold. First, it will give students the necessary IT skills to obtain a job where they will be successful. Secondly, it will help regional companies grow by providing much needed talent. There is a hugetech talent gap that needs to be filled. This code school will fill that need.”

MCC Code School will require 20 hours per week, Novak said, with 12 in a classroom and eight hours outside of MCC. Classes will be on nights and weekends, allowing students to continue working a fulltime job while attending Code School.

It will be rigorous, Novak said, but students will leave with a well-rounded set of IT and coding skills.

“It’s not a boot camp,” Novak explained. “It’s not meant for someone to come out of it with just tech skills. It is for someone to come out of it with a whole software job skillset. They will have communication, teamwork and methodology knowledge. They will have the tech skills and how to work in a team.” 

Learning how to work together as a team is a large part of the classes, Novak said. Students will work in pairs on projects throughout Code School, switching out every few weeks.

“They’ll be working on projects that are like a real-world work environment,” Novak said.

Upon completion of Code School, students will be ready for junior software or web application developer positions, Novak said.

Those interested can apply for MCC Code School starting in May. For more information, visit or call 531-MCC-4943.