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Gateway to College helps those get a post with high school and secondary education

While in high school, not all students take the same path to graduation. In order to graduate and move on to college, some students need a little extra help. 

Metropolitan Community College offers Gateway to College, a national dual-credit high school diploma completion program that aids students seeking a different or unique high school setting, giving the opportunity to finish up high school and start their college careers.

Arianna White, a student in the Gateway to College program, said it helped her get back on track.

“I wanted to get my diploma and graduate high school,” White said. “I had dropped out of school. When I found out about [Gateway to College], I knew I found my second chance.”

Shareen Brewer, another Gateway to College student, said she found this program during a difficult time in her life. It helped her turn her educational journey around.

“Gateway checked all the right boxes,” Brewer said. “It was for people like me, young adults who had the drive, but just struggling to make it in life.”

Since coming to MCC in 2010, Gateway to College has helped students from schools around the Omaha area complete high school credits. It gives them access to tutoring, a library and writing services. Through this, students satisfy their high school diploma requirements while earning MCC credits as well. This is 

“Students receive wrap-around staff support every step of their journey,” said Jordan Pirtle, director of Gateway to College at MCC. “Through this unique one-on-one guidance and accountability model, students have the opportunity to achieve personal and educational success that they had been unable to attain in their previous educational environments.”  

“This program gives the students the responsibility and control, and the voice that other educational facilities lack, which gave me the freedom and independence I needed to be able to succeed,” Brewer said. “Being at MCC has made me overall a well-rounded person.” 

Both Brewer and White are on track to graduate from high school and continue their educations at MCC, Brewer in Construction Management and White in Cybersecurity. Gateway to College has helped them realize the importance of their education.

“My education is a way for me to gain independence and gain experience interacting with people on many levels,” said White.

A high school diploma can lead to much more, Brewer said.

“My education means the world to me,” Brewer said. “It’s the key that can unlock that gates to my future.” 

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