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Local businessman credits MCC with sparking his passion

When he was still in high school, Jackson Orcutt was a motivated businessman. 

“My dad has been running a phone company for 22 years,” he explains. “I asked him if he was doing social media and he said ‘No, we don’t need it. We’ve been a profitable company for 22 years.’ I asked if I could run his social media for a while and he saw it grow.”

During this time, Orcutt was in the Metropolitan Community College Entrepreneurship Career Academy through Millard North High School. 

“[An MCC instructor] came in and talked about it. And I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset after watching my dad start his business,” Orcutt says. “It was the best thing I ever did for myself.”

In the Entrepreneurship academy, students took college-level courses that prepare them to start their own businesses, such as Business Law, Economics and Accounting. 

Orcutt says enrolling in that academy helped him graduate high school with a jump on his college credits. 

“I get out of high school and I’m ahead of the game,” he says. “I didn’t have to take any accounting classes in college. I was able to graduate in two and a half years.”

Orcutt continued with MCC after leaving high school, helping him save money in the long-run. He took a mix of online and on-campus classes, such as public speaking and other general education courses.

“I love the professors because they were so dedicated,” Orcutt says. “The classes were small and we all supported each other, which was great. I still stay in contact with some of those people.”

“MCC helped me to get more general education classes done,” he says. “It gave me a great opportunity to enter [University of Nebraska Omaha] as a second-semester sophomore. That was incredible. Those credits all transferred and were able to put me ahead of the game.”

While still at MCC, and all through his time at UNO, Orcutt opened his own business, SOAR Marketing, a social media marketing company.

“We manage social media pages for businesses around the Metro [area],” he says. “We take the burden away from them of running their own social medias and we take that on. As businessowners, time is valuable. If we can do that and they don’t have to employ someone, it’s a lot better for them.”

SOAR Marketing manages social media for various types of businesses around Omaha, including real estate agents, roofing companies, attorneys and more.

The business has grown steadily since Orcutt opened the business with his mother, Janet, two years ago. Since graduating from UNO in December 2019, he has been able to work full-time and dedicate himself to SOAR.

“It has allowed me to do a lot of great things and create my own schedule,” he says. “I love every day of it.” 

Orcutt credits MCC with allowing him to dip his toe in entrepreneurship and help him get on the path to success.

“My teachers through the career academy were incredible,” he says. “I was able to get all my Accounting courses done and my Economics courses done. This is a hidden gem. Without MCC, I wouldn’t have been able to do what I did. It was invaluable.”