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MCC-sponsored OFW Student Night introduces students to Fashion Design program

Every February, people flock to the Omaha Design Center for their annual spring Omaha Fashion Week. On Feb. 26, Metropolitan Community College sponsored Omaha Fashion Week’s student night. Student night allows high schoolers from around Omaha to show off their talent and garments. 

MCC has a Fashion Design program, as well as noncredit fashion courses and other Arts programs such as Photography and Theatre, making for a quality education at a lower cost. The sponsorship was a natural fit for the College and OFW.

To begin the evening, a panel of local people in the fashion and art world answered questioned and discussed their work and what inspires them. 
Valerie St. Pierre Smith, a costume designer and instructor at University of Nebraska at Omaha, said that telling a story through the clothes she designs and chooses for theater and television shows.

“For me, storytelling is so powerful. Fashion and costume design have become a powerful thing. So many of the basic skills I learned in fashion have applied them to other areas,” St. Pierre Smith said. 

The panel also discussed careers that are in the fashion world that aren’t design-oriented. 

Keith Rodger, the music director for OFW, said that he is a huge fan of fashion and OFW and is happy to be a part of it and share his artistic abilities in any way.

Alyssa Dilts, the owner and director of Develop Models, said that there are endless job possibilities that touch the fashion world.

“Anything you can think of that touches clothing—it could be anything from the start to finish of production, you are working with fashion,” she explained. 

Agustin Delgado is an MCC Fashion Design graduate and working as a fashion designer. Delgado said that remaining true to yourself is what inspires him when creating clothing and is something he learned during his time at MCC.

“It is what calls to you as a creative person,” he said. “At the end of the day, be true to who you are.”

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