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Students making cards

Students and staff create cards for Children's Hospital

Receiving cards during the holiday season can bring about warm and fuzzy feelings. The staff in Metropolitan Community College’s Learning and Tutoring Center want to make sure everyone is able to have those feelings.

The Learning and Tutoring Center, are encouraging students, faculty and staff create Christmas cards to deliver to children who will be in the Omaha Children’s Hospital and Medical Center over the holidays. 

“We were thinking of how to get students involved this holiday season,” said Neena Nizar, supervisor of the Learning and Tutoring Center. “We were trying to think what would be fun, creative and something we could give back to the community.”

The staff decided on making cards for those who may need an extra warm wish or happy message this time of year. Last week, Nizar and staff cut out paper stars, trees and other holiday shapes, as well as collected other card-making supplies for students. Word got out to faculty and staff who wanted to get their students involved.

“Faculty reached about bringing their students,” Nizar said. “We had two work skills classes come in.”

Along with classes, students who were on campus in between classes, staff and even MCC Police officers stopped in to spread some holiday cheer, make cards and enjoy cookies. More than 150 cards were made on Monday alone.

“Just seeing the response has been fantastic,” Nizar said. “Our goal was 100 cards originally, but I think our goal is going to be 500 cards.”