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Electrical students

Students show off skills in first MCC trades competition

Many of Metropolitan Community College’s campuses were booming with activity on Saturday morning as students from all over the city put their skills to the test. The College was the host of the first Metro Omaha Trades Invitational, a competition to give more than 200 MCC and high school students the chance to qualify for regional and national trades competitions.
The competition consists of written and physical tests for students to demonstrate how well they understand the subject. Students participated in competitions for firefighting, construction, manufacturing, audio and visual, automotive and more at the Fort Omaha Campus, South Omaha Campus, Applied Technology Center and the Omaha Career Center.
MOTI was also a chance for students to prove to future employers and industry partners 
“The invitational is an opportunity for our local industry partners to work and see first-hand what our students can do,” said Zach Pechacek, MCC SkillsUSA director. “These will be the companies that hire our students and by testing the students on what they want them to know, it’s almost like the best job interview in the world.”

The event was sponsored by the MCC Foundation, as well as platinum sponsors Valmont Industries, Kiewit and Truck Center Companies. 

Winners were named at the end of the day. Below is a full list of winning students:
First place: Drew Wilderman
CNC Mill–Post-Secondary
First place: Craig Spilker
Second place: Nolan Reynolds
Automotive Technology–Secondary
First place:  Kalib Allen
Second place: Cameron Baratta
Third place: Robert Dace
Automotive Technology–Post-Secondary
First place: Tony Scalise
Second place: Gary Lane
Third place: Christopher Olds
First place: Cirino Incontro
Second place:  Connor McDonnell
Third place: Ty O’Brien
First place: Patrick Neville
Sheet Metal–Post-Secondary
First place: Nikolay Dimitrov
Precision Machine–Secondary
First place: Emma Stepanek
Second place: Jordan Cowden and Gaje Laire
Third place: Eduardo Mundeza
Precision Machine—Post-Secondary
First place: Philip Nelson
Second place: Donald Hubbell
Third place: Matthew Kempkes
First place: Jose Zapata-Guillen
Second place: Nicholas Riha
Third place: Jake Schmidt
First place: Matthew Lane
Second place: Danny Falcon
Third place: Eric Harris
Automotive Collision Repair–Secondary
First place: Cheyenne Purchase
Second place: John Beberwyk
Third place: Logan Parsons
Automotive Collision Repair–Post-Secondary
First place: Angel Morales
Second place: Ramadan Al-Muhaimin
Third place: Andy Estrada 
Electrical Construction Wiring–Post-Secondary
First place: Jake Riha
Second place: Rowdy Newburn
Third place: Ben Wingrove
First place: Jayden Larsen
Second place: Kei'lah Sadler
Third place: Ton Sue and William Herrera
First place: Carlos Jeronimo Ramirez
Second place: Quinnton May
Automotive Refinishin –Secondary
First place: Gavin Seiler
Second place: Paul Baltes
Third place: Logan Boeker
Automotive Refinishing–Post-Secondary
First place: Terran Wiemers
Second place: Talon Hardin
Third place: Spencer Pecha
First place: Devin Roshewski
Second place: Zack Strobel
Third place: Easton Fritz
Weldin –Post-Secondary
First place: Eric Bauer
Second place: Max Bieker
Third place: Jorge Salcedo
Diesel Technology–Secondary
First place: Jesse Hirchert
Second place: Andrew Hansen
Third place: Ryan Drake
Diesel Technology—Post-Secondary
First place: Tresten Ketelsen
Second place: Charlie Murphy
Third place: Michael Leonard