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Noncredit English as a Second Language

Noncredit English as a Second Language Classes are Free!


Metropolitan Community College Adult Education provides noncredit English Language (ESL) classes to non-English speaking individuals living in the Omaha area. The classes focus on improving individuals' reading, writing, speaking, and comprehension skills in English, understanding American system of government, individual freedom, and responsibilities of citizenship.

There are two program pathways for ESL. There are enrollment-based classes and conversational English classes.

The enrollment-based classes require students to:

  • Attend an Adult Education Information Session
  • Take an introductory 3-week course [Transitional Learning Community (TLC)]
  • Complete Nebraska Department of Education paperwork
  • Complete a career pathways interview
  • Complete computer literacy components
  • Take periodic CASAS assessment (every three months or 40 instructional hours)
  • Daily class attendance
This program should be considered by students who have high level of commitment in terms of time, dedication, and discipline.

Additionally, MCC offers conversational English classes for students who need more flexibility in their learning and who currently not able to adhere to strict attendance and testing requirements. In conversational English classes:
  • students participate as their schedule permits
  • no requirements for testing or attendance
  • drop-ins are welcome
  • focus on practicing oral English skills


ESL classes are offered at various locations throughout the Metropolitan Omaha area.

Location Address

Applied Technology Center

10407 State St. 

Learning Community Center - North 1612 N. 24th St. 
MCC South Express 3002 S. 24th St. 
MCC North Express (Highlander Bldg) 2112 N. 30th St (Third Floor)
Yates Illuminates  3260 Davenport St.
South Omaha Campus (Mahoney Bldg) 2309 Edward Babe Gomez Ave.
Fort Omaha Campus ( CAET Bldg. 24) 5300 N. 30th St.
Bellevue Public Schools Support Center 2820 Arboretum Dr., Bellevue 
Ralston High School 8969 Park Dr., Ralston
Black Elk Elementary School, Millard 6808 S 161st Ave.
Fremont Area Center 835 N. Broad St., Fremont


Contact the MCC Express office at 531-622-4060 or to register for classes.