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Just so you know

3/3/2023 1:08:12 PM

Some of our webpages may look different from others as we make improvements to bring you an even better website.

Department Faculty

Dean's Office

Dean of Math, Natural Science and CHH: Mike Flesch
Associate Dean of Culinary, Hospitality, and Horticulture: Brian O'Malley, 531-622-2615
Associate: Ingrid Armstead, 531-622-2355

Culinary Arts Faculty 

James Davis, 531-622-2513
Cathy Curtis, 531-622-2512
Brian O'Malley, 531-622-2615
Chase Grove, 531-622-2467
Oystein Solberg, 531-622-2509

Hospitality Faculty

Lauren Balak, 531-622-2556

Horticulture Faculty

Thomas Bruning, 531-622-2560
Kristina Engler, 531-622-2310
Jeana Svoboda, 531-622-2311