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Metro's utility line course schedule:

  Former abbreviation Former Class # New abbreviation New Class # Course Name
Fall Quarter UTL 102 UTIL 1010 Pole Climbing
UTL 106 UTIL 1020 Electricity I
UTL 115 UTIL 1030 Ropes, Rigging & Safety
UTL 125 UTIL 1110 Line Construction I
Winter Quarter UTL 120 UTIL 2020 Transformer Theory
    UTIL 1240 Underground Distribution Systems I
UTL 200 UTIL 2210 Overhead Distribution Systems I
UTL 203 UTIL 2110 Line Construction II
Spring Quarter UTL 213 UTIL 2030 Secondary Electrical Systems
UTL 215 UTIL 2220 Overhead Distribution Systems II
UTL 223 UTIL 2230 Distribution Systems Maintenance
UTL 136 UTIL 2240 Underground Distribution Systems II
UTL 225 UTIL 2981 Internship*

General education courses are scheduled on the same days as UTIL classes, making it possible for a motivated student to complete their degree in one year.

These courses are only offered in the order and during the quarter listed above. For example, the Winter quarter classes have the prerequisite of the Fall quarter, and the Spring quarter classes have a prerequisite of the Winter quarter.

*Keep in mind that the UTIL 2981 Internship is taken during the summer following the completion of UTIL coursework.