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5 pathways to a A.A.S.I.T. Degree

Find a pathway, out of the 5 listed, that fits your career goals. Students will then start with the level one Focus area in that pathway. Once the level one focus area is completed, students can move on to picking one of the level 2 corresponding focus area.


Administrative Technologies

Administrative Technologies graphic

Level one  Administrative Technology (ADTCC)

Level two  Digital Technology (DGTCC)

Level two  Instructional Tech. and Design (ITDCC)

Computer Programming

Computer Programming graphic

Level one  Computer Programming (ITPCC)

Levle two  Mobile Applications Development (MBDCC)

Level two  Web Development (WDCCI)

Database and Data Science

Database and Data Science graphic

Level one  Database Administration (DBACC)

Level two  Data Science (DASCC)

Level two  Computer Programming (ITPCC)

Information Systems & Technologies

Information Systems & Technologies graphic

Level one  I.T. Technician (TETCA)

Level one CISCO Certified Network Associate (ITCCC)

Level two  System Operations (SOPCC)

Level two  Data Center Technicaician (DCTCC)

Level two  Server Administration (SVACC)

Web Development

Web Development graphic

Level one  Web Development (WDCCI)

Level two  Web Programming (WPCII)

Level two  Data Science (DASCC)