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Associate in Applied Science: Information Technology (A.A.S.I.T.)


The Associate in Applied Science - Information Technology (AASIT) is a flexible degree option comprised of five IT focus areas. Students can choose to pursue either one or two career certificates and/or additional I.T. core classes to complete this degree.

Career certificates may be stacked together to best fit student educational or career goals. It is strongly recommended that AASIT students work closely with an advisor as soon as possible after enrolling at MCC to confirm their chosen IT pathway to success.

AASIT Pathways:

Administrative Technologies

Administrative Technologies Overview

If you like to use the computer for a variety of tasks and work well with others, an administrative technology profession may be for you. This program is designed for students seeking employment in a variety of office and administrative support professions, or for students who are already employed in an office profession and want to advance their career. The Administrative Technology pathway provides students the core knowledge and skills needed to successfully perform foundational technology tasks in today’s rapidly changing business world.

Administrative Technologies Pathway Requirements

Computer Programming

Computer Programming Overview

The Computer Programming pathway at MCC provides students with a foundation in programming logic and modern computer languages. Students can choose to become familiar with a variety of programming languages ranging from Python, Java, C# (C-Sharp) to name a few that are widely utilized in today’s businesses.

Computer Programming Pathway Requirements

Database and Data science

Database Administration and Data Science Overview

The Database Administration and Data Science programs at MCC provides students with a strong technical foundation in the design, implementation, and management of relational and big data databases, as well as data warehouses.

Database Management and Data Science Pathway Requirements

Information Systems and Technology

Information Systems and Technologies Overview

The MCC Information Systems and Technologies pathway will provide students with industry-standard, foundational IT knowledge. Specifically, students will learn foundational skills and concepts covering computer hardware, operating systems, networking and security.

Information Systems and Technologies Pathway Requirements

Web Development

Web Development Overview

The Web Development program at MCC prepares students for entry-level roles that include designing, creating and maintaining websites. Students will acquire knowledge to develop front-end web user interfaces.

Web Development Pathway Requirements