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3/3/2023 1:08:12 PM

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Sympateco Production Lab

What is the MCC Sympateco Production Lab?

The Production Lab is a comprehensive program that provides Prototype Design program students with hands-on training and mentoring to take their prototype design skills and concepts through the process of developing, producing, and finishing cabinets and fixtures based upon client specifications.

The Prototype Design Program Faculty, Sympateco staff, and Prototype Design Lab staff assist students with their projects. We provide working space, equipment, supplies, software, creative assistance, advice, and technical guidance.

Sympateco: we design, we build, we engineer, we deliver

What is Sympateco?

Sympateco is a local, fast-paced fixture manufacturing company. They offer everything from design to delivery. They have interior designers, architects, engineers, machine operators, production workers, aluminum interior doors, glass, and metal fabricators, administrative offices, logistics with trucks and drivers, and client services.

Sympateco has partnered with the Workforce Innovation Division to provide a miniature replication of their facility, equipment, and processes, at the Center for Advanced and Emerging Technology. As part of their Prototype Design program requirements, student complete an internship at the end of their first year and second year of the program. Using the production lab to gain hands-on experience is crucial for students.

Production Lab Built Around Two Concepts

  • Mass Production. This concept is the production of large amounts of standardized products, including and especially on assembly lines. This is especially used in distributed manufacturing.
  • Lean Laboratory. This is a management and organization approach derived from the principles of Lean Manufacturing – essentially, process optimization driven. A lean laboratory is one which is focused on delivering results in the most efficient way, in terms of cost and/or speed, with the most efficient use of resources. The objective is to improve the economic efficiency of an organization.

For more information, contact Michael Guericke, 531-622-2641.