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3/3/2023 1:08:12 PM

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Here is what past students are saying about the Prototype Design Program:

Ask Prototype Design degree student Albert Marie Ouedrago about her career goals, and she confidently describes her passion to start a toy company. Albert, who goes by Marie, is an international student from the West African country Burkina Faso. She arrived in the U.S. knowing little English, but she was determined to learn conversational English in three months, and enroll in college within six months; she succeeded. She was thrilled to hear about MCC’s Prototype Design program, with it’s hands-on prototyping and building skills, as well as an emphasis on business skills. She stated the program was perfect for her. As a young child, there were few playthings geared specifically for children in her area. Her dream is to create toys that speak to children of all ages, lifestyles, and physical needs. She graduated from MCC's Prototype Design program and is currently working with UNMC on her Capstone project. She plans to continue her studies at UNL.

The first student to complete the capstone course on the second year of the Prototype Design Degree program was Mariel Feijoo. One of the final classes is the Prototype Design Capstone, where students are tasked with creating a prototype for a local entity. The first Capstone project was a new medical device used to repair wrist fractures. The two students involved, Mariel Feijoo and Albert Marie Ouedraogo, created digital and physical models of their design. They also had an opportunity to visit UNMC, and witness a surgical procedure utilizing current technologies.

Mykel Stroh is MCC’s youngest Prototype Design Degree student. At 15 years old, he earned his first associate’s degree before he graduated from high school. “I was drawn to this major because I have always enjoyed taking toys apart, modifying, and rebuilding them.” Mykel assisted in building modified Power Wheels vehicles for children with special needs through the GoBabyGo project partner, Assistology. After he graduated from high school, Mykel's goal is to take classes in Industrial Design Technologies at MCC to continue his career aspiration to build devices that increase the play abilities of children with special needs.

Kent Christensen embarked on his journey to learn more about prototyping three years ago. Through the Project PROTO Academy, which is now known as the Career Placement Program. Kent was first introduced to the concepts of innovative thinking and creation. Next, he learned how to build an electric guitar. Kent decided to continue his passion for prototyping and pursue his degree in Prototype Design. The decision was easy, as Kent has continued to enjoy the process of learning new technology to create and make various things, saying the most memorable project he has created was designing five new tools in the introduction class, “Trying to create a shape that is both functional as well as creative was a fun challenge,” said Kent.

Scott McPherson is a student in the MCC Prototype Design degree program. He was first drawn to the program through experiences in the lab. The 3D printers and laser cutters were of particular interest, but Scott did not have any idea on what his career path could look like. What he did know is that he loved working with his hands and making physical objects. Scott is looking forward to making different types of furniture and bowls out of wood and metal and exploring his career interests through this degree program. Scott McPherson