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Customer Service representatives taking calls in a call center.

Noncredit Customer Service Certificate

No business or organization can succeed without building customer satisfaction. Likewise, no person can be successful in business without meeting the needs of their internal and external customers. We all interact with people who depend upon us to provide them with information, guidance, services, products or social support. This Noncredit Customer Service Certificate is designed for those seeking customer service skills that will enable participants to apply those skills when dealing with a variety of personality types and situations. Take all five workshops to receive a certificate.


Note: Payment is due at the time of registration. Any class marked with an asterisk (*) is no discount.

Customer Service Basics in a Technology-Driven Society
Recognize the role of technology-effective service delivery. Learn how technology enhances an organization's service delivery capabilities and discuss ways that companies are integrating these technologies into their service strategies.

Communication Skills Are More Than Just Words
Learn the importance of effective communication in customer service. Recognize the effective elements of interpersonal communication through both verbal and nonverbal communication.

Active Listening to Build Better Customer Relations
Explore the importance of customer service and the strategies to use to communicate effectively with each behavioral style. Learn how to respond to customers effectively while building relationships.

Customer Service in a Post-Pandemic Diverse World
Recognize the new dynamics of our emotionally heightened customers created by the pandemic, social injustice and war. Learn what characteristics make people unique and how to honor and respect them. Explore how to communicate effectively with a more diverse customer population.

Customer Service Above All
Recognize the role of adding value to every encounter. Identify techniques and skills that will help with the dissatisfied customer. Learn how to provide excellent service to the frustrated customer who needs it the most.

*Customer Service Certificate Bundle
Sign up for this certificate and take Customer Service Basics in a Technology-Driven Society, Communication Skills Are More Than Just Words, Active Listening to Build Better Customer Relations, Customer Service in a Post-Pandemic Diverse World and Customer Service Above All at a discounted price.