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Just so you know

3/3/2023 1:08:12 PM

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The advisor partnership

At MCC, the academic advising philosophy provides students the opportunity to build partnerships with their advisors. This partnership will help you in planning your education, exploring career options, and learning how to access the variety of resources and services available.

The partnership between us is a collaborative effort. Your advisor will partner with you to meet the essential learning outcomes necessary for academic success and outline the steps to achieve your personal, academic and career goals. Our partnership also requires participation and involvement from both advisor and student as it is built over time. Each of us has a clear responsibility for ensuring the advising partnership is successful, so be prepared to be involved.


Your advisor's

  • Take initiative - meet with your advisor

  • Learn

  • Actively participate

  • Own your education

  • Follow through

  • Seek help early

  • Monitor academic records frequently

  • Provide accurate information

  • Be available to meet

  • Listen and share information honestly

  • Help with goal setting

  • Discuss academic performance

  • Encourage career exploration

  • Provide referrals to other services