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Title III Grant

Title iii Grant

"First-Year Services & Coordinated Advising for Student Success and Completion"

Metropolitan Community College was awarded a Title III Grant in 2015 under the U.S. Department of Education, Title III, Part A, Strengthening Institutions Program.

"The purpose of this Title III project is to implement NACADA’s recommendations for a coordinated and effective advising system at MCC by establishing a comprehensive First-Year Experience program and institutionalizing advising as part of the teaching and learning mission of the College."

Overall goal: Increase student success, retention and completion by creating a culture of advising at MCC.

The seven articulated objectives identified in the grant

Objective 1:

By September 2020, increase the fall-to-fall retention rate for first-time, full-time students to 52 percent. (Baseline = 47 percent)

Objective 2:

By September 2020, increase the fall-to-fall retention rate for first-time underprepared students to 48 percent. (Baseline = 43 percent)

Objective 3:

By September 2020, increase the number of students who successfully complete their program of study or transfer to 38 percent. (Baseline = 33 percent)

Objective 4:

By September 2020, increase MCC’s three-year graduation rate to 17 percent. (Baseline = 12 percent)

Objective 5:

By September 2020, increase the percentage of advisors reporting clarity of the advising program’s identity, mission, vision, and objectives to 90 percent. (Baseline = 44 percent)

Objective 6:

By September 2020, increase the number of full-time faculty who serve as faculty advisors to 30. (Baseline = 0 percent)

Objective 7:

By September 2020, increase overall student satisfaction with advising to 85 percent. (Baseline = 62 percent)

First Year Experience

For questions specific to MCC's Title III Grant, contact James Cloyd at 531-MCC-2201 or