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Course Equivalency, Transferring Credit to MCC

Course Equivalence Search

Please visit Transfer Nebraska to access the list of courses MCC accepts from other colleges/ universities. The information on the Transfer Nebraska search is provided as a general guide and is continually updated.

Courses that do not meet the criteria for transfer may be brought in as a Prior Learning Assessment petition, based on a review by the program director and/or dean. Examples include: short on credit hours, short on content, or not an exact match to an existing course with MCC.

Transferring credit to MCC

Students who wish to transfer credits from another college to MCC must provide official transcripts from the institutions they previously attended and have a declared program of study with MCC. The transfer evaluation is based on the program the student is entering for the upcoming term.

How to send a transcript to MCC Registrars Office

  • by mail:
    MCC Registrars Office
    PO Box 3777
    Omaha, NE 68103
  • hand deliver to the Registrars office (Fort Omaha Campus, building 5). The transcript must be in a sealed college envelope.
  • ​electronically ONLY through a third party electronic transcript provider (Parchment, Scrip-Safe, National Student Clearinghouse, etc.) to the e-mail:

Evaluating Official Transcripts Based on Courses of Declared Major

Only courses pertaining to the declared program of study will be evaluated. If you would like to have specific courses transferred in, which do not pertain to your major, you must notify the Registrars Office by completing the Transcript Re- evaluation/Specific Course Evaluation Request found under the Student Services Home tab in the portal.
Once courses have been brought in and transcribed, they cannot be removed and will remain on your permanent record.

The following criteria must be met for a course to transfer to MCC:

(*) When course credit hours are not equal, students may have to take additional courses to meet MCC degree requirements.
 For example: ACCT 1200 (4.0 semester hrs) from the previous institution has been equated to ACCT 1100 & ACCT 1110 (4.5 quarter hrs each). The student would be given credit for 4.0 semester hrs (=6 MCC credits) instead of 9.0 credits. 3 credit hours shortage can be covered by extra credits in any other section or by taking an additional course to fulfill overall credit hours requirement for a program.

Once evaluation is completed students are notified via MCC e-mail. Students without an MCC email will receive a letter stating their evaluation is complete. Students may log onto their My Services account to view credits that have transferred. (My Services for Students, Academic Profile, MCC Unofficial Transcripts). An email or letter will be sent if no credts are transferred.
Transfer credit is not listed on MCC's official transcripts or calculated into the student's GPA. Courses that are transferred in and replace courses taken at MCC may affect the GPA calculation, as transferred courses are not calculated into a student's cumulative GPA.

Request a re-evaluation if: (Re-evaluation request form) 

  • You changed to another program of study.
  • Your transcripts were received by the Registrars Office before a program was declared.
  • You wish specific courses to be reviewed.

International Transcript Evaluation

International transcripts must first be interpreted by the current members of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services. A course-by-course evaluation must be requested and the official report must be sent directly to the Registrars Office. International transcripts that have been evaluated by a credential evaluation consultant will be reviewed using MCC's transcript evaluation guidelines/policies.

Credit for Earned Undergraduate or Graduate Degrees

MCC credit is awarded for some general education courses to students who have an official transcript on file in the Registrars Office, noting conferred bachelor’s, master’s, juris doctor, or doctoral degrees from an regionally, accredited American institution. A student must have declared a major as well as actively seeking a certificate or/and degree. Qualifying students will receive full credit for associate of applied science general education requirements.*

Communication (GEN_COMM)

4.5 credit hrs.

Quantitative/Numeracy Skills (GEN_QUANT)

4.5 credit hrs.

Critical Thinking/Creativity & Social/Cultural Awareness (GEN_SOC) 

4.5 credit hrs.

Scientific Inquiry (GEN_SCIEN) 

4.5 credit hrs.

Professionalism/Life Skills and Information Literacy (GEN_PROF)

4.5 credit hrs.


22.5 credit hrs.


* All Information Technology program majors are still required to take INFO 1001.
* Some programs have special requirements for general education courses.  In such cases a transcript will be evaluated on course-by-course basis.  Check with your advisor to see which general education credits you may be eligible to receive.  

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