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Lakota Made

Mitakuye, Cante’ waste’ nape ciyuzapi ksto Ta Wa paha Ota Win emaciyapi ksto, ematanhan Ta Asanpi Oyanke ksto.

My relatives, I greet you with a good heart and a handshake my name is Many War Bonnets Woman I am from Milks Camp (South Dakota).
I grew up in South Central South Dakota and spent a majority of my life living in South Dakota. My parents are Charles Wayne and Marla Bull Bear. My parents have always been a strong foundation for me my providing me with Lakota teachings and traditions growing up. They both worked and went to school to provide for myself and my younger brothers. My mom has had her own grassroots 501c3 since I could remember. My dad was a tribal game warden, a tribal police officer and town officer for Winner Police department.
My dad is Naca Chief Bull Bear of the Kiyaksa Band of Oglalla’s of Pine Ridge South Dakota. Dad comes from a long line of traditional
spiritual leaders and teachers. I am proud and humbled to be a part of a traditional family.