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Last Date To Drop with No Charge Instructions

Each class has a Last Date to Drop with No Charge date which varies based on the start date of the class and the number of sessions held. Please verify the date for each class that you are considering withdrawing from because each class could have a different date.

  1. Click on the "Register" button on the My Way page.
  2. Click on "Browse all credit courses" button under the term you want to drop the class.
  3. Locate subject of course you want to drop and click on + to left subject  to expand locations.
  4. Find location of class you are looking for and click on + to left of location to expand all class sections.
  5. Choose your class section and click on the Important Dates link to the far right of the screen.
  6. Find the column labeled Last Date to Drop with No Charge. The date found in this column is the last date through 11:59 PM that the class can be dropped with no charge. You will also not receive  a withdraw (W) on your transcript through this date.