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Title IX Coordinators

 Title ix coordinators:

MCC Title IX Coordinators are available to you and are responsible for:

  • Overseeing all Title IX complaints and investigations to provide prompt, fair and equitable resolutions
  • Identifying and addressing any patterns or systemic problems that arise
  • Being available to meet with students, provide support and answer questions
  • Working with other college officials
  • Coordinating training, education and communication pertaining to Title IX
  • Not having other job responsibilities that may create a conflict of interest
  • Being available to assist school law enforcement employees regarding how to respond appropriately to reports of sexual violence
  • Ensuring that our institution carries out its Title IX responsibilities

Source: U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, Dear Colleague Letter, Washington, D.C., 4/4/11

For Students:
Julie Langholdt, M.A.
Dean of Student Advocacy and Accountability, 531-MCC-2202

For Employees
Cynthia Gooch-Grayson, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Equity and Inclusion, 531-MCC-2649

Missy Beber
Associate Vice President of Human Resources, 531-MCC-2236

We’re all here to deter gender-based discrimination and make our campus a safer, more welcoming place to be.

Title ix team members

Hollie Knake, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs,             
Hector Martinez, MCC South Express Operations Coordinator
Maria Vazquez, Vice President for Student Affairs, 

Training for Individuals involved in the Title IX Process

MCC provides training to individuals working within the Title IX Process.  This includes the Title IX Coordinator, Investigators, Hearing Board Members, Appeal Officers, and Advisors.

Trainings - Professional Organizations

Association of Title IX Administrators (ATIXA)

Additional Training Materials

U.S. Department of Education

Any questions about the relevant training of a particular individual may be directed to that individual and/or a MCC Title IX Coordinator.