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Adjunct Faculty Website


Welcome to the Adjunct Faculty Information Center. This collection of information has been provided by the College support areas to offer assistance to you as an instructor. The Information Center links you to web pages both within MCC and externally. You may access all of the information on- and off-campus.

Reminders/Upcoming Events

Adjunct Faculty Institute (AFI) -- Watch your email for upcoming sessions.          


College Communication with Adjunct Faculty

Faculty are notified of changes, new information, meetings, and other events throughout the year via our many communication outlets.  Listed are a few ways:

  • Email - All faculty are supplied with an MCC email address.
  • Group email - Alias email groups set up to target specific groups, disciplines or program areas.
  • The Inside Story - Information and updates are posted as needed to the faculty and staff portal. 
  • The Learning Connection (TLC) - Quarterly newsletter focused on information of faculty interest.
  • Adjunct Website - Website address www.mccneb.edu/adjunct which is available on or off campus. 
  • Phone Calls - Generally made by the dean's office, as needed.
  • Adjunct Faculty Handbook - Annually revised collection of information on a broad range of topics pertinent to adjunct faculty.
  • Intercampus Mail - All adjuncts are equipped with a campus mailbox at the campus in which you teach each quarter.
  • Meetings/Special Days - Attendance is highly encouraged but not mandatory for these periodic meetings. Included are department/program meetings, curriculum meetings, staff development days, and other scheduled meetings on an as-needed basis. 

The Learning Connection (TLC)

The Learning Connection is a quarterly newsletter published for the adjunct faculty at MCC. To visit the current edition of the TLC please click the link below.


Adjunct Faculty Institute (AFI)

The Adjunct Faculty Institute (AFI) is designed as an extended orientation program for new and returning MCC adjunct faculty.  Adjunct faculty members participate in cohorts either in person or online and are compensated monetarily upon completion.  Through participation in the institute, MCC's adjunct faculty members:

  • Develop an understanding of the mission, systems and culture of MCC
  • Become familiar with the many MCC support services available to faculty and students
  • Identify and implement teaching techniques proven effective in creating a learning-centered environment in which diverse student populations are most likely to succeed
  • Examine and discuss general education competencies and assessment
  • Develop a sense of interdisciplinary community and build a network for professional and personal support
  • Engage with colleagues in dialogue related to teaching and learning including the invitation to connect with a full-time mentor
  • Become more connected to the college community

Watch your email for more information regarding offering times and registration information.  

Part-Time Contract Pay Dates

College paydays occur on the 15th and lst day of each month.  Should those dates fall on the weekend or a holiday, payment will be made on the last work day immediately preceding the weekend/holiday.  Part-time contract pay dates for each quarter are based on the beginning and ending dates of each assignment. The chart below represents all the potential part-time contract pay dates for each quarter.  The pay date range for each assignment will be printed on your part-time assignment contract letter. 






Print Date

Pay Date Range
Summer 2014
6/6/14 6/19/14 6/30/14, 7/15/14, 7/31/14, 8/15/14
Summer 2014
1st 5-week
6/6/14 6/19/14 6/30/14, 7/15/14
Summer 2014
2nd 5-week
7/12/14 7/18/14 7/31/14, 8/15/14
Fall 2014 9/2/14 9/15/14 9/30/14, 10/15/14, 10/31/14, 11/14/14, 11/26/14*
Winter 2014 12/1/14 12/12/14 12/24/14, 1/15/15, 1/30/15, 2/13/15, 2/27/15
Spring 2014 3/6/15 3/19/15 3/31/15, 4/15/15, 4/30/15, 5/15/15, 5/29/15
Summer 2015
6/5/15 6/18/15 6/30/15, 7/15/15, 7/31/15, 8/15/15
Summer 2015
1st 5-week
6/5/15 6/18/15 6/30/15, 7/15/15
Summer 2015
2nd 5-week
7/12/15 7/17/15 7/31/15, 8/15/15

*Pay date valid only if assignment ends 11/16 or later.

Assignments are paid out in incremental payments based on the number of paydays that occur from the first pay date of the assignment range until the assignment is concluded.   

Academic Areas

Academic Affairs has eleven academic areas.  You can find a printable organizational chart on the Academic Affairs home page.  The links below will take you to contact and program information for each of the academic areas.

Staff Directory

MCC's online staff directory is available for you to look up a staff member's contact information (phone number, email, and/or office location). The information is accessible both on-and off-campus.

Staff Directory

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