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Teaching Tips & Resources

Check out this page for updated teaching resources and teaching tips.

Teaching Resources

Following is a list of resources, most are online resources, providing information that will offer suggestions and support to you as an instructor as you prepare for class, work in the classroom, and assess your classes.

  • Adjunct Nation - online magazine.
  • Adjunct Solutions - provides links to The Chronicle of Higher Education articles for adjunct faculty.
  • Critical Thinking - online instructional guides and lesson plans to help educators implement Critical Thinking.
  • "Great Teaching Tips for the First Session"
  • Library Use and Research Skills - The library staff can provide individual or class instruction which consists of three parts: a tour of the library itself, instruction in general library skills, and instruction in library use and research skills in a specific subject or program area. Tours can be designed according to faculty needs and may include any or all of the three types of instruction. In some cases, library staff can meet with classes in their regularly scheduled classroom areas to introduce library services. For additional information, contact your campus library staff.
  • Teaching Tips - a great site developed with the 'musings on the lives of doctoral students and resources for the entire PhD experience', which includes tips for syllabus design, teaching methods, student assessment, classroom management, dealing with stress, professional development and more. 



Updated: 3/7/12



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