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10000 Board of Governors
Establishment, Elections, Revision
Policy Number Description
10101 Authority for the Establishment of the MCC Area and Board of Governors
10102 Election Procedure and Election Districts
10103 Procedure for Filling Vacancies on the Board of Governors
10104 Procedure for Policy Revision and Suspension
General Board
Policy Number Description
10201 Size and Organization of Board
10202 Duties, Powers, and Responsibilities of the Board
10203 Code of Ethics and Responsibilities of Members of the Board of Governors
10204 Acceptance of Gifts
10205 Reimbursement and Compensation of Board Members
10206 Board Member Employment by the College
10207 Out-of-State Meetings
10208 Selection, Contract with, and Expenses of President
10209 Legal Counsel to the Board
Board Officers
Policy Number Description
10301 Election of Board Officers; Quorum Requirements
10302 Procedure for Filling Vacancy in Board Officer Positions
10303 Duties and Responsibilities of Board Officers
Ex Officio Members of the Board of Governors
Policy Number Description
10401 Student Ex Officio Member of the Board of Governors
10402 Faculty Ex Officio Member of the Board of Governors
10403 Privileges of Ex Officio Member of the Board of Governors
10404 Procedure for Vacancies in Office and Succession for, Ex Officio Members
Board Meetings
Policy Number Description
10501 Time and Place of Regular, Special and Emergency Board Meetings
10502 Decorum and Conduct at Board of Governors Meetings
10503 Notice of Board of Governors' Meetings
10504 Public Participation at Board of Governors' Meetings
10505 Open and Closed Sessions of Board Meetings
10506 Quorum and Voting at Board Meetings
10507 Board Meeting Agenda Preparation and Distribution
10508 Board Meeting Minutes Preparation and Distribution
Policy Number Description
10601 Executive Committee
10602 Committee on Ethics and Conduct
10603 Ad Hoc Committees
10604 Decorum and Conduct at Committee Meetings
10606 Agenda Preparation and Distribution for Committee Meetings
10607 Minutes Preparation and Distribution for Committee Meetings
Policy Number Description
10701 Commitment to Civil Rights Compliance
10702 Commitment to Diversity Management
Whistleblower Policy
Policy Number Description
10801 College Whistleblower Policy and Purpose
10802 Definitions under the Whistleblower Policy
10803 Procedure for Appointment and Duties of College Ombudsperson
10804 Procedure for Allegations of Wrongdoing
10805 Employee Protections under Whistleblower Policy; Retaliation
10806 Procedure for Violations under Whistleblower Policy
10807 Intentional Misuse of College Whistleblower Policy
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