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50000 Student Services
General Programs of Study
Policy Number Description
50101 Student Services Mission
50102 Academic Advising and Counseling for Students
50103 Career Services
50104 Housing
50105 Official Transcripts
50106 High School Student Dual Enrollment
50107 Voluntary Student Insurance (Rescinded 4-28-15)
Policy Number Description
50201 General Requirements for Admissions
50202 Admission Requirements for Programs
50203 Admission of Transfer Students
50204 Admission of International Students
Registration And Tuition
Policy Number Description
50301 Student Registration
50302 Financial Aid Programs and Tuition and Mandatory Fees Remission
50303 Board of Governors' Scholarships
50304 Tuition and Fees Assessment and Refunds
50305 Delinquent Accounts and Insufficient Funds
Student Activities And Conduct
Policy Number Description
50401 Student Use of Facilities
50402 Student Activities
50403 College-Wide Student Advisory Council
50404 Student Organizations
50405 Student Publications Board (Rescinded 05-26-15)
50406 Student Rights and Responsibilities
50407 Student Conduct and Disciplinary Action
50408 Disciplinary Action and Appeals
Communicable Diseases
Policy Number Description
50501 Communicable Diseases
50502 Right to Require Medical Statement
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