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60000 Professional Personnel
Position Descriptions
Policy Number Description
60101 Administrative and Professional Job Descriptions
60102 Administrative and Professional Staff Definitions
60103 Statement on Academic Freedom and Political Activities
60104 Full and Part-time Faculty
60105 Consultants and Legal Counsel
Candidate Recruitment And Selection
Policy Number Description
60201 Equal Employment (EEO), Diversity and Affirmative Action
60202 Recruitment Responsibility
60203 Selection Procedures and Criteria
60204 Appointment and Promotion
60205 Contracts and Releases from Contract
60206 Appointment Terms; Non-Reappointment, Discipline and Dismissal
60207 Files and Confidentiality of Records
60208 Medical Examination and Communicable Diseases
Policy Number Description
60301 Credit Union
60303 Insurance Benefits
60304 Annuities and Other Employee Paid Insurance
60305 Short-Term Disability
60306 Social Security Benefits
60307 Retirement Program
60308 Tuition Waiver and Reimbursement
60309 Leave - Professional Personnel
60310 Holidays
Salary And Promotion
Policy Number Description
60401 Salary Schedules, Guidelines and Deductions
60402 Evaluation and Commendation
60403 Promotions of Faculty and Staff
60404 Criticality of Skill
Staff Responsibilities
Policy Number Description
60501 Workweek and Absences
60502 Assignments Beyond Job Descriptions
60503 Activities Outside the Scope of Employment
60504 Rights and Privileges Regarding Employee Organizations
Policy Number Description
60601 Separate Statement of Policy Regarding MTCCEA
60602 Statutory Rights of Teaching Faculty
60603 President's Assignments and Appointments for Faculty
60604 Part-time Teaching Assignments
60605 Preparation of Instructional and Other Material; Copyrights
60606 Instructional Responsibilities
60607 Use of Interns
60608 Tenure
Policy Number Description
60701 Suspension
60702 Reduction in Administrative and Support Staff
60703 Reduction In Force Policy In Negotiated Statement of Policy
Policy Number Description
60801 Complaints and Grievance Procedures
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