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70000 Regular Classified Personnel
Regular Classified Personnel
Policy Number Description
70101 Regular Classified Employees Defined, Job Descriptions
70102 Duration of Employment
70103 Job Improvement
Candidate Recruitment and Selection
Policy Number Description
70201 Equal Employment (EEO), Diversity and Affirmative Action
70202 Recruitment
70203 Vacancies, Applications, Selection Procedures
70204 Files and Confidentiality of Records
70205 Orientation of New Classified Employees
70206 Medical Examination and Communicable Diseases
Policy Number Description
70301 Overtime Pay, Holiday Pay, Compensatory Time-Off Plan
70303 Insurance Benefits
70304 Annuities and Other Employee Paid Insurance
70305 Short-Term Disability
70306 Social Security Benefits
70307 Retirement Program
70308 Tuition Waiver and Reimbursement
70309 Leave - Classified Personnel
70310 Holidays
Schedule and Evaluation
Policy Number Description
70401 Salary Schedules, Guidelines and Authorized Deductions
70402 Evaluation and Commendation
Staff Responsibilities
Policy Number Description
70501 Work Expectations, Assignments, Part-Time Teaching
70502 Time Cards
70503 Reporting Absences
70504 College Committees
70505 Outside Employment
70506 Rights and Privileges Regarding Employee Organizations
70507 Political Activities
Discipline and Complaints
Policy Number Description
70601 Discipline, Termination, and Resignation
70602 Complaints and Grievance Procedure
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