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80000 Fiscal Affairs
Policy Number Description
80101 Budget Request Development and Guidelines
80102 Budget Preparation and Administrative Plan by President
80103 Budget Approval and Adoption
80104 President's Responsibility to Administer Budget
80105 Tax Levies and Warrants
80106 President's Accounting Guidelines and Reports
80107 Fiscal Year Audit
Tuition and Fees
Policy Number Description
80201 Tuition and Fee Schedule
80202 Student Activity Fees; Establishment, Collection, Control, Disbursement
Benefits Programs
Policy Number Description
80301 Insurance Programs and Summary
80302 Bonding of Employees
80303 Unemployment Compensation Reserve Fund
Assets and Investments
Policy Number Description
80401 Inventory System
80402 Trust Receipt Acceptance
80403 Deposits; Selection of Bank for Deposits
80404 Investments
80405 Acceptance of Gifts
Purchasing and Sales
Policy Number Description
80501 Economy in Purchasing
80502 Bids and Quotations; When Required
80503 Purchase Contracts by Individuals; Prohibitions
80504 Awarding of Bids
80505 Sale, Conveyance or Lease of College Property
80507 Process for Selection of Independent Contractor Vendors to Provide Professional Services
80508 Construction Management at Risk Contracting Methodology; Preamble
80509 Construction Management at Risk Contracting Methodology; Policy and Procedures
Reimbursement and Disbursement
Policy Number Description
80601 Reimbursement of Expenses
80602 Signing of Checks
80603 Mileage Rate
80604 Miscellaneous Expenditures
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