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90000 College Property
General Provisions
Policy Number Description
90101 Single Institution and Equality of Campuses
90102 Acquired Property
90103 Authorization and Approval for Facility Rental/Lease
90104 Naming of College Facilities
90105 Property Maintenance
90106 Auxiliary Services
90107 Authority and Jurisdiction of Security Personnel and College Sworn Law Enforcement Personnel
90108 Liability Insurance Coverage
90109 Display of Flags
90110 Emergencies
90111 President's Responsibilities and Authorizations
90112 Prohibition of Firearms on College Property
Use of Property by College and Community
Policy Number Description
90201 Rules, Regulations and Procedures Regarding Use of College Facilities and Property; General Restrictions on Use
90202 Priorities for Use; Designation of Facilities and Property Not Available for Use
90203 Schedules of Use Fees and Expense Charges
90204 College Housing
90205 Use of College Facilities by College Organizations
90206 (Reserved)
90207 Community Users; Procedures for Applications for Use of Property
90208 Indemnification
90209 Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited
90210 Solicitations
Plans and Specifications
Policy Number Description
90301 Selection of and Restrictions on Campus Site
90302 Selection of Architects
90303 Master Plans
90304 Preliminary Outline Drawings
90305 Final Plans and Specifications
Construction Projects and Contracts
Policy Number Description
90401 Quotations and/or Bids
90402 Affirmative Action Provisions Required in Construction, Maintenance and Alteration Contracts
90403 Local Labor and Materials
90404 Statutory Contractual Requirements
90405 Contractual Provisions for the Benefit of the College
90406 Approval of Change Orders
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