What is branding?

Branding seeks to create a unique name and image for the College among our stakeholders. Through messages and images, the MCC brand communicates who we are—and the direction we are headed. The brand shows what makes MCC unique, and it serves to separate MCC from other institutions.


Why does MCC need to brand itself?

The old M logo (the "mountains" logo) had been used since the early days of the College. As we celebrate our 40th anniversary in 2014, MCC sought to recreate the logo to reflect the present College—while also looking to the College's future. Together with representatives from all MCC constituencies, the College underwent a rebranding process with local design firm Oxide Design Co. Primary concerns were creating a brand identity that was bold and iconic but also usable, versatile and fully representative of the College's mission and vision.


Why does the MCC brand matter?

Incorporating the brand into your College communications will help MCC:


Why the new M, and what does it represent?

The new M was developed to reflect MCC in the present and near future while also maintaining a connection to the past. Read more about the new logo here.


Can I keep my department/unit logo?

As part of maintaining MCC's brand integrity, some departmental logos may be changed to reflect the new college-wide logo. Public Affairs will be distributing more information about this process in the coming months.


What is the College's official name moving forward?

We are Metropolitan Community College. Spell out the entire name on first reference. Use MCC on second reference. We are not Metro, Metro Community College, Metro Comm College or Metro Tech.


How do I get the new graphics and logo?

Email marketing@mccneb.edu to request graphics. To help us respond to your request, be sure to include how and where you would like to use the graphics.


How do I get letterhead and business cards?

Don't throw away your old letterhead and business cards! Our approach to rebranding keeps sustainability in mind. Continue using your current supply of materials with the old logo. When it's time to reorder, incorporate the new brand.


Is there going to be a deadline/timeline to switch the logo on all of our materials (T-shirts, bags, brochures, forms, etc.)?

The change to the new brand identity will be a multi-year process. The goal is to switch the logo on all College materials—from exterior signs, to T-shirts, to business cards and more—within three years.


I have a question or comment. Who do I talk to?

Send an email to marketing@mccneb.edu.


I found the old logo that needs to be replaced in my classroom/on a form/another place on campus. What should I do?

Let us know! Email us the details (and a picture if you can!) at marketing@mccneb.edu.