Visual identity


The new M was developed to reflect MCC in the present and near future while also maintaining a connection to the past. The dynamic, progressive look is a culmination of these key concepts:

The M incorporates many different triangular pieces in many shades of blue. These triangles combine to form one M, reflecting the College's various parts, programs and locations that come together to represent our institution. Triangular points represent different directions and paths at MCC. Small triangles combine to form larger shapes, representing the diversity of MCC's program options.

The blue color is a nod to previous iterations of the College logo and maintains a tie to the College's past. By using various shades of blue, the logo ties into tradition and offers a fresh color with many variants.



Blue is the official College color. Although varying shades of blue can be used to represent MCC's visual system, MCC has adopted one shade as its primary identity: Pantone® 2935 U.

Metropolitan Community College



MCC has adopted two featured typefaces, selected to convey the College's personality and streamline its communications.

Primary: Intro, a modern sans-serif font with human-like character and well-finished geometric designs that complement the logo.

Intro typography sample


Secondary: Adobe Garamond Pro, a classic serif font.

Adobe Garamond Pro typography sample