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Command Spanish Online Courses

"The Command Spanish course has given me the ability to communicate with my Spanish-speaking families. Before this course I did not have the confidence to converse in Spanish. Now I know important phrases that I can use in a variety of settings. I was very satisfied with the knowledge of the instructor and the ease in which she taught the course."
- Makayla S., Belle Ryan Elementary

These industry-specific online courses are presented in partnership with Command Spanish®, Inc., the country's leading provider of occupational Spanish language training programs for the workplace. These self-paced, programs require no prior knowledge of Spanish. Command Spanish® language courses eliminate the tedious grammar instruction found in most other language programs. 

Command Spanish Online Courses available include Spanish for Construction Supervisors, Financial Institutions, Hospital Nurses, Law Enforcement Officers, Library Personnel, Medical Office Nurses, Pharmacy Personnel, Physicians, Real Estate Sales, School Teachers, and the Community or Workplace. 

You may register and begin your course at any time, and may access the program for up to four months. A downloadable Certificate of Completion is available upon successful completion of each online course.

Available Online Courses

Spanish for Financial Institutions
The program teaches the Spanish essential for financial institution personnel to complete various transactions with Spanish-speaking clients. Topics include verifying client identification and account information, determining transactions including deposits and withdrawals, cashing checks and purchasing money orders and certified checks.


Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers
Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers is tailored for law enforcement officers who frequently deal with Spanish-speaking individuals in the performance of their duties. This online program prepares you to use the specific, practical Spanish you
may require on the job. Topics include vehicle stops, issuing citations, identifying individuals, body commands, medical emergencies and field interview questions.


Spanish for Construction Supervisors
If you are a construction supervisor with Spanish-speaking workers on your construction crews who often times have difficulty understanding what you expect them to do, then you will benefit from our online program Spanish for Construction Supervisors. This course will help you better communicate your expectations and maintain a safe work environment.


Spanish for the Community
If you would like to interact more effectively with your Spanish neighbors, then Spanish for the Community is just for you. Our online program provides you the basic Spanish language foundation to help you assist these new members of your community.


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Spanish for Pharmacy Personnel
Pharmacists, pharmacy techs and pharmacy sales staff who desire to speak Spanish to better assist Spanish-speaking customers will benefit from Spanish for Pharmacy Personnel. Topics include initial contact with customers, insurance issues, first-time prescriptions and refills, administration of medicines and checkout at the cash register.


Spanish for the Workplace
If you have Spanish-speaking employees who speak limited English or no English,
then you need Spanish for the Workplace. It is a comprehensive program designed
to provide a safe and supportive work environment for Spanishspeaking employees. The course focuses on such topics as the hiring process, explaining work schedules and pay, describing work rules and regulations and safety issues.


Spanish for Hospital Nurses
Spanish for Hospital Nurses will enable nurses to successfully use Spanish to perform routine duties. Topics include patient body commands and positioning, calming the patient, initial assessment, routine in-bed procedures, routine out-of-bed procedures, treatment procedures and much more.


Spanish for Library Personnel
To meet the requirements of Spanish-speaking customers at your library, you need to take our online program Spanish for Library Personnel. After completing our program, you will be able to use Spanish to communicate the services available at the library.


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Spanish for Real Estate Sales
Many agents have experienced frustration when trying to work with Spanish-speaking clients in explaining the intricacies of buying homes. Our online program Spanish for Real Estate Sales will help you to better meet the needs of the growing
Hispanic market in this country.


Spanish for Respiratory Therapists
This program is designed for respiratory therapists who need to break the language barrier to provide better care for Spanish-speaking patients. Topics include greetings, communication strategies, identifications and introductions, procedure discussions, body positioning, basic respiratory commands, breathing treatments, diagnostic questions and much more.


Spanish for School Teachers
Teachers who have routine or periodic interactions with Spanish-speaking children will be helped greatly by Spanish for School Teachers. Topics include courtesy phrases, communication strategies, numbers, the Spanish alphabet, classroom management phrases, general instructional management and much more.


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Monthly registration deadlines and online course start dates: You may register and begin your Command Spanish course at any time and may access the program for up to four months.

Our Registration Process Is As Follows:

  1. Phone BTS at 402-457-2592 or toll–free at 1-866-622-3238 or Email BTS at sdickson@mccneb.edu.
  2. You will be notified by email of your specific online course URL to access for payment and user name/password assignment to begin your online course.

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact Cheri Vossberg at 402-457-2517/1-866-622-3238 or email clvossberg@mccneb.edu.

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