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Language Workshops

Business & Training Services is pleased to offer these industry-specific noncredit workshops in partnership with Command Spanish®, Inc., the country’s leading provider of occupational Spanish language training programs for the workplace. These half-day and multi-session workshops require no prior knowledge of Spanish. Command Spanish® language courses eliminate the tedious grammar instruction found in most other language programs.

Command Spanish for Nursing (7 Sessions)
This program prepares non-Spanish-speaking nurses to provide medical care and attention to Spanish-speaking patients in medical office settings and in hospitals. In addition to workplace Spanish language, this program provides transcultural training for nurses and future nurses. Emphasis is placed on enhancing quality of patient care.

Command Spanish for School Teachers and Parents (12 Sessions)
While many Spanish-speaking parents are taking English, this program meets them half-way by assisting the teacher to learn basic Spanish language necessary to convey the progress of the Spanish-child during parent, teacher conferences. 

Command Spanish for School Teachers & Students (12 Sessions)
This program is a must for teachers of Spanish-speaking children. The teacher will learn 50 phrases that will help keep the child safe, engaged and will make the learning experience more successful and less stressful for everyone. While this program has benefits for the teacher, school administrators, front office personnel, school nurses, bus drivers, custodians, and security staff will also learn from the components offered in the training manual. 

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Community Spanish: A Survival Guide for English Speakers (8 Sessions)
The language component, cross cultural and listening components of this program maximize the participants ability to express social niceties, introduce self and others, give personal data, and learn how to “listen in Spanish.” Traditions, celebrations, and how to order food and drink in a Mexican Restaurant will also be covered. An optional dinner at a Mexican restaurant will conclude the final class. The cost of this dinner is the responsibility of the individual taking this program.

English for Spanish Speakers (8 Sessions)
This program instructs the non-English Spanish-speaker how to say basic phrases and ask basic questions in English, how to comprehend many basic English expressions in used in daily life, give personal data, ask for information when looking for a house or apartment for rent; use courtesy expressions; express symptoms to your doctor; enroll your children in school; look for a job; buy and return products; count from 1 to 1000 and express your basic needs.

Spanish-Speakers and You: Promoting Cross-Cultural Understanding
This half-day program will enable the participant to enhance productivity and increase harmony in the workplace; avoid interpersonal conflicts; rebuild respect between employees; increase safety in the workplace; conduct more accurate evaluations of employees; and prevent employment litigation cases. There is a two-hour language component included with this program.

How to Register

To Register contact BTS to schedule the workshop of your choice. Minimum class size is five (5) registrants.

Email: sdickson@mccneb.edu
Phone: 402-457-2592

Please be ready to provide the following information upon registration:

  • Workshop title
  • Registrant(s) full name(s)
  • Business name (if applicable)
  • Business /individual mailing, email and billing addresses
  • Business/individual phone number
  • Birth date of registrant(s)

Cancellation and Rescheduling:
MCC Business & Training Services reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule a workshop. In this instance, the registrant will be notified in advance by email, and the registrant has the option of attending a rescheduled workshop or cancelling their registration.


Noncredit workshops are priced per person. The registering organization or individual will be invoiced upon Workshop completion. Payment is due 30 days from invoice date.

  • Non-Credit Half-Day Workshop - $99 / person
  • Non-Credit Multi-Session
    • Community Spanish: A Survival Guide for English Speakers - $149 /person
    • Command Spanish for Nursing - $159 / person
    • English for Spanish Speakers - $159 / person
    • Command Spanish for School Teachers and Parents - $169 / person
    • Command Spanish for School Teachers and Students - $169 / person

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