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Professional Development Workshops

“The Leadership Through Coaching Workshop was outstanding! I enjoyed the presentation and interactive method of delivery.”
- Debbie LaHoda, Single Parent Homemaker Services

Business & Training Services is pleased to offer a variety of Professional Development half-day workshops that are in high demand by area businesses. If you don’t see one that fits your needs, please give us a call—we’ll be glad to custom-build one just for you.

Basics of Stress and Time Management
Discover strategies for effectively managing stress, focusing your energies and overcoming procrastination. Analyze the use of your time and master how to properly prioritize objectives.

Essential Interviewing Skills *
This full-day behavior-based interviewing workshop teaches participants how to interview for the behaviors, knowledge, and motivations that are needed to be
successful in a job. It is designed for situations where only one or two interviewers are needed for each selection decision. Participants learn: the implications of a poor hiring
decision; how competencies define the requirements of a job; how specific job competencies are the basis of focused interview questions; how to gather and evaluate complete examples of applicant’s past behavior related to the job’s competencies; how to conduct interviews in a way that makes a positive impression on the applicant; techniques to interview for motivational fit; how to avoid legally inappropriate questioning. (Note: Lunch is on your own.)

Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED
Basic life support for healthcare providers includes:  adult and pediatric CPR, one and two rescuers, foreign body airway obstruction management, and mouth-to-mask ventilation. In cooperation with the American Heart Association.

Life Coach Series: Creating a “Coaching for Success” Culture
Creating a coaching for success culture improves organizational communication and teamwork in times of complexity and change. You will learn how to identify and eliminate self and team-limiting thought patterns, and how to more proactively and optimistically focus. This interactive seminar will equip you with the essential tools that you can immediately and successfully apply to your work environment. A seminar designed for employee teams, managers and project teams. Facilitated by a Certified Life Coach.

Life Coach Series: Leadership Through Coaching
Skillful coaching is essential to effective leadership. This workshop helps leaders develop their own emotional intelligence and gain the specific coaching skills to become role models for their team—maximizing productivity and employee satisfaction. A seminar designed for entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, managers, project managers, HR professionals and supervisors. Facilitated by a Certified Life Coach.

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Managing Performance Problems *
Dealing effectively with significant performance or work habit problems — and, when necessary, initiating the organization’s progressive discipline process — is one of the biggest challenges managers face. This course helps managers plan and conduct meetings with employees who need to improve—or face prescribed organizational

Presentation Skills
Participants will bring a work-related or personal topic for a mini-presentation. During the workshop, you will learn the ingredients of creating and delivering a great presentation, prepare and present a mini-presentation and incorporate improvements based upon feedback.

Service Plus *
This full-day interactive workshop provides service providers a toolbox of skills for effectively and efficiently handling all types of customer interactions. Learn how to cement relationships with customers and keep them loyal. Master how to successfully balance your customer’s practical and personal needs to ensure superior service every day. Learn how to turn dissatisfied, angry customers into satisfied ones. Self-assessments, videos, engaging activities, skill practices and fast-paced discussions are included. (Note: lunch is on your own)

* Presented in partnership with Development Dimentions International (DDI)®. Facilitated by Jim May, who has over 30 years experience in transportation industry operations, and in providing performance management, customer service, and leadership training to the financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and service industries.

How to Register

To Register contact BTS to schedule the workshop of your choice. Minimum class size is five (5) registrants.

Email: sdickson@mccneb.edu
Phone: 402-457-2592

Please be ready to provide the following information upon registration:

  • Workshop title
  • Registrant(s) full name(s)
  • Business name (if applicable)
  • Business /individual mailing, email and billing addresses
  • Business/individual phone number
  • Birth date of registrant(s)

Cancellation and Rescheduling:
MCC Business & Training Services reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule a workshop. In this instance, the registrant will be notified in advance by email, and the registrant has the option of attending a rescheduled workshop or cancelling their registration.


Noncredit workshops are priced per person. The registering organization or individual will be invoiced upon Workshop completion. Payment is due 30 days from invoice date.

Non-Credit Half-Day Workshop - $99 / person
Non-Credit Full-Day - $149 / person

Additional workshops available upon request, Contact Us for details!

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