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Proposed Budget 2012-13

I.     Introductory information

        A.  Proposed 2012-13 College Budget Executive Summary

        B.  Metropolitan Community College Board of Governors

        C.  Institutional Mission Achievement Plan (MAP)

        D.  2012-13 Planning/Budget Calendar

II.    Budget information

        A.  Budget Summary

              1.  2012-13 Synopsis

              2.  Total All Funds Historical Budget and Graph

              3.  Total All Funds Historical Budget per FTE and Graph

              4.  Property Tax History and Comparison

              5.  Community College 2011 Value, Tax Rates and Property Tax Levied

              6.  Tuition and Fee History and Comparison

              7.  Enrollment History and Comparisons

              8.  Census Data--County-by-County Population

        B.  General Fund Budget

              1.  Historical Revenue Budget

              2.  Projected Revenues by Source Pie Chart

              3.  History of Budgeted Revenue Bar Graph

              4.  Historical Expenditures by Type Budget

              5.  Budgeted Expenditures by Type Pie Chart

              6.  Historical Audited Revenue

              7.  Historical Audited Expenditures by Type

              8.  Historical Audited Expenditures by Function

              9.  Proposed Plan to Administer the Budget--by Area and Expense Type

            10.  Proposed Plan to Administer the Budget--by Expense Type and Area

            11.  Proposed Plan to Administer the Budget--by Area and Cost Center

            12.  Revised and Proposed Plan to Administer the Budget--Summary by

                   Area and Type

            13.  Equipment Request

            14.  Total Pooled and Contingency Budget Request

            15.  Contingency Equipment Request

            16.  Actual Forecast

         C.  Capital Acquisition and Hazardous Material

              Abatement/Handicapped Accessibility

              1.  Capital Fund Historical Budget

              2.  Hazard/Handicapped Fund Historical Budget

              3.  Capital Fund Historical Audited

              4.  Hazard/Handicapped Fund Historical Audited

              5.  Capital and Hazard/Handicapped Fund Historical Audited

              6.  Three-Year Facilities Plan for Budget Purposes Only

              7.  Master Plan Summary, Implementation, and Progress Report

         D.  Other Funds (Auxiliary & Federal)

              1.  Revised and Proposed Plan to Administer the Auxiliary Fund Budget

              2.  Revised and Proposed Plan to Administer the Federal Fund Budget

         E.  Proposed County Budget Statement

III.  Other information

         A.  Summary Vision Report

         B.  College History and Profile

         C.  Economic Impact

         D.  Regional Scan and Program Demand Report

         E.  Fund Accounting

         F.  2012-13 Budget Development Guidelines (Instructions)

         G. 2010-11 Annual Facts and Data Notebook (Enrollment Data)

         H. Course Weighting Information

         I.  Annual Credit Hours by Prefix 2006-07 through 2010-11

         J.  Online Degrees and Credit Hours by Subject 2006-07 through 2011-12

         K. Significant State Statutes for the 2012-13 Budget Season

         L.  Legislative Bill 946

         M. Real Property Value Percentage Change 2011-12

         N. Glossary of Educational Terms


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