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MCC Anticipates Largest Enrollment in College History

Fall 2009 | Archives

MCC anticipates the highest enrollment in College history for Fall quarter 2009. The official census of enrollment will not be released until Sept. 14. Growth is seen Collegewide in online courses, seat count and credit hours. General education courses remain popular across delivery methods and for degree-seeking and transfer students.

Continued Collegewide efforts to provide quality education and services have resulted in significant enrollment gains as credit hours have increased 27.8 percent in a five-year period, full-time headcount increased 30.9 percent, online credit hours increased 285.2 percent and minority enrollment increased 28.1 percent. The top five subjects by credit hours are Mathematics, English, Information Technology, Psychology and Biology.

MCC continues to be a leader in the development and delivery of online education and programming. For Fall 2009, there are more than 270 online courses, and to date there are eight associate degrees entirely online as well as seven certificates. Students enroll for a variety of reasons. "I have a full-time job, three children and a wife, and my schedule can get pretty tight," said Dustin Everitt, online IT student. "Every class that I´ve taken at this point has been online and probably will be throughout my degree. MCC´s online program is so flexible that it can fit into just about anybody´s schedule."

For comparison, during the 2008 Fall quarter, MCC welcomed more than 15,000 students, an increased enrollment of 3.6 percent in credit hours over the 2007 Fall quarter.

"This is a challenging time for MCC, but we are happy to be able to provide education for so many folks who are facing their own difficulties in a down economy," said Arthur Rich, Vice President of Campuses and Student Affairs. "It also indicates the confidence the community has in MCC´s ability to provide quality education."

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