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Fall 2009 | Archives

The MCC faculty-led, short-term study abroad program began in the late 1990s for Photography students with a trip to Belize, Central America. Lorran Meares, former MCC Photography Instructor, and Arlene Jordan, now Associate Dean of the Sarpy County Centers, led six students on a tour of sites in Belize. The group joined students from a local university to enhance their understanding of Belizean culture. In years following, MCC sponsored study abroad experiences in Anadulcia, Spain, for immersion in Spanish language and in Italy for the study of architecture and art. There are currently two study abroad programs at MCC.


Oaxaca, Mexico

ladies dancing In 2007, MCC Spanish Instructor Katie Sutko Twit developed an 18-day experience to study Spanish and learn about the culture of Oaxaca, Mexico. MCC students are now offered this experience to travel to Oaxaca annually. Students are accompanied by two MCC faculty members and live with host families in Oaxaca. The families cook for the students and help them understand more about the Mexican and Oaxacan cultures. Students take Spanish classes and special workshops at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca (ICO). Students participate in workshops about Oaxacan cuisine, salsa dancing, Mexican literature, Mexican paintings, Oaxacan weavings and more. Oaxacan students pair with a student from MCC to practice English and Spanish for an hour daily. Special tours to historical sites such as Monte Alban and Mitla and a gala celebration of indigenous cultures called the Guelaguetza round out the special features of this study abroad experience for Spanish students.


Rosebud, S.D.

buffalo The program to study and live in Rosebud, S.D., was held for the first time in May 2009 for one week beginning on Memorial Day. Social Science Instructor Jenni Fauchier and Philosophy Instructor Janet McCarthy drove from Omaha, Neb., to Rosebud, S.D., with ten students who focused on a variety of course areas including Native American Studies, Native American Ethics, Native American History, Interior Design and English Composition. Upon arrival in Rosebud, the students learned how to set up their tipi camp from facilitator of the experience Steve Tamayo, Traditional Arts Instructor at Sinte Gleska University and Consultant to the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C. Students practiced many more hands-on activities such as tanning hides and used the tanned leather to create traditional Native American crafts like dreamcatchers, moccasins and parflesche containers. The group received lectures and cultural instruction from faculty members at Sinte Gleska University. Students visited Sinte Gleska´s buffalo herd and traveled to Pine Ridge, the Badlands and Wounded Knee Memorial.

Hear more from students and faculty at the Study and Live in Rosebud, S.D., study circle at the 18th Annual Fort Omaha Intertribal Powwow, Saturday, Sept. 19.

"Wow, what a trip! I have never been on a trip like this, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to have gone. We met fascinating, wonderful people. The stories were captivating. The people from MCC were an eclectic mix of every type of personality, and we all seemed to mesh quite well. It was truly an educational experience that I will treasure forever."
- MCC student Dawn Kanne
Rosebud, May ´09


For more information about study abroad experiences at MCC, contact Barbara Velazquez, Coordinator of International/Intercultural Education, at (402) 457-2253 or bvelazquez@mccneb.edu.

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