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Community Connection - Fall 2010
Community Connection

Volume 3 Issue 3

Through Diversity, Building Better Healthcare

For years in her native Uzbekistan, Zamira Lostus, M.D., helped children feel better. When she immigrated to the United States in 1997, her years of medical training were meaningless—being a doctor in one country does not a U.S. doctor make. Now, at 54, Lostus is working to move back into the healthcare workforce.
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Providing a Path to a Diploma

Some students dropped out because of an illness. Others, faced with the challenges of teenage motherhood, missed too many days of school. For whatever reason, they fell behind and became part of Omaha's 20 percent of high school students who do not graduate. MCC is offering high school dropouts ages 16-21 a second chance at education this fall through the Gateway to College program.
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Cream of the Crop: Garden Spices up Culinary Arts

At first glance, the produce is familiar. But look closely&mdahs;tomatoes are black, cucumbers are brown, eggplants are yellow and sweet corn is blue. These twists on a chef's staples are exactly what Garden Specialist Patrick Duffy is growing.
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Learning to Practice Medicine, Again

As a young boy, Salomon Compaore wanted to be an English teacher one day—he was the best in his class. In his final years of high school, however, he decided to become a doctor. "I wanted to be someone who is able to help people who are suffering," he said.
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For Success in College, Practice Makes Perfect

When it comes to being a successful college student, good habits matter. As instructor Sandy Wiebold notes, "If you are not an effective reader when you come to college, you are in trouble." It turns out a good many high school graduates are not ready for college-level courses.
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In a Nutshell

First-year college survival tips.
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Did You Know?

MCC's Sustainability Office is working to create a more environmentally friendly College. The numbers tell the story.
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Go Big Green: Building Nebraska's Green Economy

MCC student Kossi Dagbovie examines the meter attached to a small sample of photovoltaic solar collectors. What he learns in MCC's Solar Electric Installation class will help him create a more energy-conscious Nebraska—and world.
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Faculty Profile: Darrell Bush

By Demanding Excellence, Instructor Molds Successful Young Technicians
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Your College for Life

If you dream of dancing like the stars, learning a language, polishing your computer skills or improving your mental and physical health, MCC has the class for you. MCC's lifelong learning opportunities offer classes to individuals of all ages to build work-related skills or explore personal enrichment opportunities.
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Intertribal Powwow

MCC celebrates Native American cultures Sept. 18 with the annual Fort Omaha Intertribal Powwow. The outdoor celebration honors the traditional dance, music, artistry, storytelling and foods of Nebraska's Native Americans.
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