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Faculty Profile: Adam Hill

Fall 2011 | Archives

MCC Alum Returns to Inspire Others

Adam Hill

Vital Stats

Who: Adam Hill

Academic Program: Emergency Medical Services

Hobbies: Triathlons and Marathons

Little Known Fact: "Even though I preach health and fitness, I love to indulge in all foods, especially ice cream, chocolate and chicken wings!"

As a communication and marketing degree holder from University of Northern Iowa, Adam Hill always knew that he would enjoy a career where he could interact and work with people. Originally, he started out in sales, advertising and marketing for various agencies and companies. Although he gained experience and knowledge, the most important piece was sharpening his skills in communicating with all types of people.

About five years into his marketing career, Hill came to a personal realization: he felt he could do more. It was actually a conversation with his landlord, as well as the influence of multiple family members in the healthcare field, that prompted him to enroll in classes. At MCC's South Omaha Campus, Hill dove head first into his courses. American Heart Association CPR/AED training and EMT – Basic solidified his realization that this was the right path for him. "It's amazing what I learned," Hill said. "I found out that I absolutely loved this career field, and I was confident I could excel at it." After completing the basic courses, he enrolled immediately into the Paramedic program. Upon graduation and practicing his new skills in the real world, he found the job to be everything he imagined it would be.

Thanks to his grades and abundance of energy in the classroom, Hill's instructors asked him to help out with a few Laboratory Skills Station classes within the program. He also began teaching CPR/AED classes to help him hone in on his teaching skills. After leaving to gain more real-world experience, he returned to MCC as an adjunct faculty member, teaching EMT – Basic and Paramedic classes. "My favorite part about teaching is inspiring others just as I was inspired here at MCC," Hill said. "Seeing students come in off the street with little knowledge of emergency medical services and leaving three months to one year later with the ability to manage patients that are experiencing the worst moments of their lives and knowing you've made a difference is the best part of the job."

Hill also credits MCC's access to resources and quality faculty for being a great place to work. "The staff and faculty in the program are very passionate about what they do," he said. "It makes it very easy to do your job when there is good organization, communication and positive attitudes at every level."


Student Traits
"You've got to have passion!" Hill said. "Interpersonal skills and the drive to constantly learn in the ever-changing health world are essential as well."

"We put our students in scenarios with real patients," Hill explains. "Good improvisation creates the stress that these students will see after they complete the program. That makes transition into the real world easy."

Real-World Expectations
"Everyone wants to use the jaws of life in situations involving a mangled vehicle or building. Nine times out of 10 you don't need them, "Hill says, laughing. "You also can't be afraid of needles…seriously."

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