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New Student Group Provides Student Perspective and Involvement

Spring 2008 | Archives

MCC students can choose from nearly 20 student organizations and clubs, but this year a new group was created to showcase the student perspective at the College. The Student Ambassadors is a group of current students that serve as positive representatives of the College and actively assist the College´s recruitment team. Currently, there are 13 active Student Ambassadors.

The Recruitment Department works directly with the Student Ambassadors, selecting Ambassadors through an application and interview process. Those chosen support the recruitment team both in the office and out at a variety of community and campus events.

"Student Ambassadors assisting College departments with internal and external events gives the students a chance to help their school. It also allows them to connect and network with individuals around the community," said Mike Kolker, lead recruiter. "Our goal is to create a diversified group of students excited to proudly represent their College."

Ambassadors assist at special events, represent the student perspective on panel discussions, help with campus tours and encourage and inform prospective MCC students.

Dean of students Russ Lane said the Student Ambassadors support the enrollment retention initiatives at the College in addition to providing the student perspective. Being a Student Ambassador allows students to connect with the community and learn valuable life lessons and skills including accountability, responsibility and punctuality outside of class and in real-world situations.

"Connecting current students with prospective students allows us to paint an accurate picture of life at Metropolitan Community College," Lane said. "Any time you give students an opportunity to act in a professional manner, they tend to be receptive."

Information Technology/Web Programming student Patrick Baowendsom Nikiema is one of two international students who chose to get involved with Student Ambassadors.

"I wanted to be active in my college. As Metropolitan Community College is a college of students with diverse cultural backgrounds, I knew that being a Student Ambassador would bring me to interact with people of diverse origins," he said.

The recruiters who work with the Ambassadors find their work valuable to recruiting efforts and the whole College. Kolker said that the most successful recruitment tactics always seem to have current students involved because their perspective seems to be valued differently by prospective students and their parents due to the fact that they are in class and using the services and facilities at MCC. Engaging Student Ambassadors also shows prospective students that the College is actively working on building up its student life opportunities.

"Recruiters know all the details, processes and contacts, but the students know and understand the ´real deal´," Kolker said. The Recruitment Office is continuing to develop the program and plans to continue connecting the talents and enthusiasm of current MCC students with future students and the community.

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