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I Solemnly Pledge…

Spring 2009 | Archives

The nurse pinning: a rite of passage for nurses. A public proclamation to remain faithful to the profession and be compassionate, understanding and devoted in care.

Sunday, Feb. 22, 36 students in the associate degree nursing program earned their nurses pins, a public symbol acknowledging their achievement, knowledge of nursing and school affiliation. These 36 students came together from different backgrounds and areas of the world to join together in one common goal: pledging their lives to service of others through nursing.

Members of this group were part of a class that in November 2007 became the second class ever to earn a 100 percent pass rate in their practical nursing board exams contributing to an overall pass rate of 95 percent for the program. Nancy Pares, director of nursing programs, expressed confidence that a strong pass rate for the registered nursing board exams will follow. "We´re proud of all of them. They have worked very hard to achieve this."

The registered nursing board exams are the next step in this 1 + 1 program. Students entered the program as certified nursing assistants, obtained their practical nursing licensure and will move on to earn their registered nursing licensure. MCC´s nursing programs have seen 200 graduates in the last year.

MCC´s faculty and staff extend our congratulations to this quarter´s nursing candidates.

Stacey L. Barton
Kristen Beatty
Michelle R. Breazier
Gerald S. Breinholt
Heather D. Callahan
Stacy J. Campbell
Harry Carpio Castellano
Christopher B. Clark
Kristi N. Darbonne
Trista M. Driscoll
Essi Mawougno Eklou
Annie M. Filkins
Monica Fuentes
Kanika Ghosh
Gina M. Grimes
Anna M. Haffner
Georgina L. Harris
Lorri A. Hendricks
Amanda J. Hjorth
Sheri L. Horvath
Marcus Johnson
Immaculate W. Kponee
Kimberly A. Lambrecht
Casandra L. Martin
Heidi C. Molina
Randi Nielsen
Evans M. Ombacho
Yashoda Rai
Shellie R. Renslow
Lisa M. Ruma
Janumoni B. Sarmah
Ladeana S. Smedlund
Jennifer S. Sporven
Caroline H. Sprengel
Grace H. Williams
Caryn L. Woida

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