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Faculty Profile: Ed Bohlman

Spring 2010 | Archives

Computer Programming Technology Instructor

Ed Bohlman

Vital Stats

Who: Ed Bohlman

Academic Program: Information Technology and E-Learning

Classes taught: Java Programming I, Visual Basic.NET I, IT Student Assistant

Hobbies: Spending time with his wife and daughter, traveling, eating out with friends and old luxury cars

Education: Yankton College–South Dakota, University of South Dakota—Vermillion

"MCC is my life.

At the age of six, Ed Bohlman made himself a promise; when he graduated college, he was going to buy himself a brand new car, something his farming family could not do. He started his first teaching job out of college on a Tuesday, went to look at new Fords on Wednesday and bought a new car on Thursday.

Six was also the age when Bohlman first decided he wanted to teach, and teaching has been a constant pull throughout his life. Though he left teaching to go back to school and get his master's degree as well as to work as a computer programmer, the draw of teaching kept bringing him back to the classroom.

His life at MCC began as a student taking courses to update his skills, but he would not remain a student for long. During his second quarter, Bohlman decided he missed teaching and enjoyed MCC enough that he asked about a part-time job. A review of his background prompted MCC to offer him a full-time position.

That was ten years ago, and Bohlman is still here. During his time at MCC, he has taught classes, served as the computer club advisor, worked with the Career Academy and supervised student assistants in the technology learning center. As you see him working in the computer labs, you see that his goal is to help a student regardless of what his/her major may be; he just thrills at the learning taking place. He carries that over to his work outside of the College also; Bohlman works with the Explorer Scouts, a group where high school students attend clinics that present information on various career areas. He uses this time to introduce young adults to the world of information technology, his passion.

Bohlman thought of retiring once, about three years ago. He even went as far as telling his Academic Dean Tom Pensabene that he would retire in February. The closer February got, however, the more he thought, "I don´t want to retire." He went straight back to Pensabene and asked him if he could stay on. When asked when he plans to retire, Bohlman now replies, "When God or Tom tells me it´s time."

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