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Bikes, Buses and Backpacks

Spring 2011 | Archives

MCC Works to Create Solutions for the College, Students and the Environment

Metro bus MCC is taking on new initiatives this spring to get more students out of emissions-heavy cars and into cleaner, alternative transportation.

Pedaling to Class
A bike share program, set to debut at the Fort Omaha Campus late April, will bring 15 bikes to campus for student use. The bike share program would create a simple, free, communal system that leaves bikes scattered around the Fort Omaha Campus for students to pick up and use during the day. "Instead of driving from one end of campus to another, students can hop on a bike," said Daniel Lawse, Coordinator of Sustainable Practices.

The used bikes slated for student use were donated by the Community Bicycle Shop; the bikes were given a stand-out look and color from students in the Auto Collision Program. More information on the program will be announced in April.

Metro bus driver Ticket to Ride
In October 2009, MCC began its efforts to reduce transportation emissions through a partnership with Metro public transit. Pass to Class offered MCC credit students free bus vouchers to education-related destinations. Launched initially as a pilot project, the program now serves thousands of students who have logged more than 244,000 rides since its inception.

The program's success is getting attention: This February, the University of Nebraska at Omaha modeled its own MavRide program after MCC's effort. The MavRide program will provide 400 students with free bus passes.

Lifestyle Changes
In addition to providing economical and environmentally conscious ways of traveling to credit students, MCC offers noncredit workshops to community members. The Green Living courses offer homeowners or environment-enthusiasts expert guidance on energy efficiency, sustainable landscaping, urban agriculture and more. The College plans to offer eight workshops each quarter with seasonal topics.

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