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Faculty profile: David Eledge

Spring 2012 | Archives

I know a way to make that easier

Vital Stats

Who: David Eledge

Academic Program: Industrial and Commercial Trades

Hobbies: 2.5-acre yard includes a vegetable and flower garden

Little Known Fact:Has been married for 41 years to the woman he started dating
when he was 15


You know those people who improve everything they put their hands on? Well, let me introduce you to another one of those people—Dave Eledge, industrial and commercial trades instructor at MCC.

Around 15 years ago, Eledge's employer, Asarco Lead Refinery, was preparing to close, so he needed to build his résumé. He started taking classes at MCC every Monday night with the goal of earning an associate degree in industrial maintenance.

"When taking classes, I would rewrite instructional text and drawings based on my knowledge of the industry," said Eledge. "I was able to improve the curriculum giving students a better understanding of the current field."

Eledge's industry expertise was quickly noticed by MCC. "I was shown MCC's exceptional machine shop and asked to teach mechanical power systems parttime. I accepted."

After 15 years at MCC, Eledge is a fulltime precision machining instructor at MCC. He helped develop an internship program that gives high school students the opportunity to take industrial trade classes at MCC and use their new skills at area businesses.

"I really enjoy working with high school students," said Eledge. "I am proud to work with Dream It. Do It. to connect students with businesses that can help them build their skill base."

Eledge's latest project: Math assessment tool

While teaching, Eledge realized there was a need for a simple tool that
would help students improve their ability to accurately read a ruler,
understand fractions and prepare them to meet the basic needs of industry.
He invented the math assessment tool. The small, aluminum tool is currently
being patented. It is used across disciplines and is especially popular with
area high schools.

"In the future, an MCC student will intern at a local manufacturer where they
will assist with making this tool," said Eledge. "I am proud of the fact that I
was able to work with MCC's math department to produce this tool, which is
now in high demand."

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