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Faculty Profile: David Ho

Summer 2008 | Archives

Business Instructor

David Ho

Vital Stats

Who: David Ho

Academic Program: Business

Classes taught: Introduction to Business, Principles of Marketing, Principles of Supervision, Production & Operations Management

Hobbies: Higher education organizations, being a grandpa to 3-year-old twins, numismatics (collecting coins, tokens and paper money)

Manufacturing management and service to higher education may not sound like a natural fit, but for MCC instructor David Ho, the connection is more than natural, it´s part of his story. Ho is in his 15th year teaching business at MCC, just one stop in a career of continual improvement and passion.

Ho´s career was born out of the marriage of two of his favorite school subjects: math and science. This led to his start in industrial engineering and then a move into management. He worked in the manufacturing industry for 22 years, serving as vice president of manufacturing, vice president of operations and a member of the board of directors for a manufacturing corporation. After this success, why would someone leave to pursue teaching?

"All of my previous business career was in manufacturing, and one could see a tough business climate continuing," Ho said. "So it made sense to do something that I could be competent in and give back in my own little way."

And give back he did. Ho´s corporate background and drive translated into a passion for service to higher education.

He is currently the president of the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs, an international business accreditation organization with nearly 600 institutional members. He´s also a member of the Board of Trustees for the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association, the largest regional accrediting agency in the U.S. that covers 19 states and roughly 1,100 institutions.

"In my prior business career, continuous quality improvement was the name of the game; get better in everything we did or lose the war to the competition," Ho said. "My involvement in higher education is focused on assessment and accreditation matters, which is synonymous with continuous quality improvement in my book."

Ho´s passion and professionalism hasn´t gone unnoticed at the College. MCC dean of business Daryl Hansen said that like most faculty, Ho is dedicated to his students´ learning and committed to presenting course material in a way that recognizes individualities of learners. Ho brings humor to the serious side of the classroom and is willing to take risks in presenting in the classroom setting.

"If Dave stopped at this level, he would be a very fine instructor; however, he reaches out further to his colleagues at the College, at peer institutions and within the profession," Hansen said.

"Dave is well-known for being well-informed and gracious; a really nice guy to know," Hansen said. And perhaps that´s the thing that brings Ho his excellent reputation in the classroom and the same thing that contributed to his success in business and elsewhere.

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