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Faculty Profile: James Wolf

Summer 2009 | Archives

Graphic Communication Art and Design Instructor

James Wolf

Vital Stats

Who: James (Jim) Wolf

Academic Program: Graphic Communication Art and Design

Classes taught: Drawing and 2-D Design I and II, Art History, Creativity: Concept Development, Typography I and II, Layout I and II, History of Graphic Design, Package Design, Graphic Design I, II and III

Hobbies: Working on personal art projects, making music on the computer and traveling

"I predict that I will look back on my job at MCC as the best job of my career. I love working here.quot;

Jim Wolf had not always planned on teaching for a career. Wolf attended Delta Community College in Saginaw, Mich., where he earned an associate degree. He continued his education at Eastern Michigan University, earning a Bachelor´s of Fine Arts. Wolf had a passion for graphic design and knew he wanted to use his skills and education in his career choice. Throughout his schooling, professors and mentors encouraged him to pursue teaching because they said he would be perfect working with students. While Wolf had an interest in teaching, he was not sure where he would find a job following graduation.

Wolf moved to Omaha four years ago and applied for a faculty position with MCC. "When I got the teaching job, I was excited to begin working with students and helping them understand all the possibilities within graphic design," said Wolf.

After working for MCC for two years, Wolf had to leave his position with the College and move to California for family. Wolf commented, "It was such a difficult decision to make knowing how much I loved working for MCC. I knew if I had the chance, I would come back to teach at the College." When the opportunity arose, Wolf decided to move back to Omaha, and he was able to return to his teaching position at MCC.

Wolf´s desire to teach at MCC stems from the unique environment at the College. He appreciates that the Graphic Communication Art and Design Department is open to new opportunities and the development of new courses and projects. Wolf likes that the College as a whole is open to improvements and positive change. When asked to describe the most rewarding part of his job, Wolf said, "It is so great to see students discover graphic design for the first time and learn what it can do and where it can lead. Every quarter there are new students with fresh ideas, excitement and enthusiasm. It is encouraging and rewarding."

There is more to Wolf than his teaching career. Wolf enjoys traveling; his most interesting visit to date was to Paris, France. Wolf is half Korean and half German, and while he used to speak German quite well, Wolf admits he needs to brush up on it before his next trip to Europe. He has a passion for life and exploration within his career field. He looks forward to exploring other creative fields within the visual arts.

As it turns out, Wolf´s professors and teachers were right all along —Wolf was meant to teach. He loves his job, the students and the people he works with at MCC. He does not see himself leaving his position at the College any time soon. "I predict that I will look back on my job at MCC as the best job of my career. I love working here."

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