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Program Helps Foreigners Enter Healthcare Workforce

Summer 2010 | Archives

Project Bridge

A first-of-its-kind program will boost the number of qualified healthcare workers in the Midwest by guiding internationally trained medical professionals toward the right U.S. credentials.

Project Bridge will recruit foreigners with medical training who, for one reason or another, had to leave their country of birth to start life afresh without use of their healthcare background. Unable to work in the field of their training because they do not have the necessary license or credentials, these individuals make up an untapped resource of healthcare workers. MCC can help program participants resolve barriers to licensure, as well as pave a career path through further studies or a change of careers within the healthcare field.

An estimated 3,000 legal immigrants in Omaha alone are credentialed in their homelands but are underemployed or unemployed here in Omaha. Once off the ground, Project Bridge will help at least 200 individuals annually complete credential verification, empowering their future growth and addressing the region's shortage of healthcare professionals. To learn more about Project Bridge and how to help, call 738-4794.

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