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The road to graduation is an exciting one. Oh, the places MCC will take you!

Summer 2012 | Archives

The two things I love the most about MCC are the hours and the fellow students. MCC made it easy for me to go back to college and continue to work by having night and weekend classes. From my very first class at MCC, I found plenty of other nontraditional students who were also pursuing their degrees. I formed study groups, and before I knew it, we were signing up to take future classes together. I plan to get an accounting job after graduation to help pay the way for my bachelor's degrees at the UNO.
Christa Whitcomb, Accounting, Fall 2012 graduate

As a single mother, MCC gave me the opportunity to positively change my life and provide a better future for my son. The Nursing faculty at MCC are the best. They pushed me to be better. They encouraged me when I needed it most. They congratulated me when I was successful. They provided an atmosphere that was approachable, comfortable and most of all knowledgeable. I will miss them most of all. I plan to transfer to pursue a BSN at either UNMC or Nebraska Wesleyan.
Jennifer Meives, Nursing, Spring 2012 graduate

I am currently pursuing my Associate in Pre-Computer Engineering and hope to transfer to UNL's Peter Kiewit Institute to continue my studies and pursue my bachelor's degree. Without MCC, none of it
would be possible.

I dropped out of high school and obtained my GED at 17. By the time I was 24, I knew I wanted to pursue a career. With MCC's help, I have a reinvigorated love for the sciences and academia, along with the tools needed to transcend the typical student model and pursue my goals without restriction.
Joe Porter, Pre-Computer Engineering

MCC provides several opportunities for busy professionals to earn their degree. I had been out of school for nearly 20 years, and when I learned that MCC offered several online degree programs, I knew it was time for me to go back to school and earn my degree. I am currently pursuing my Associate in Information Systems and Technology and plan to obtain my Bachelor's in Communications. Without MCC, obtaining my degree would still just be a dream for me. My online instructors and fellow classmates are extremely helpful, and even though I do not attend class on campus, I still have full access to all on-campus benefits. MCC, for me, is a dream come true.
Denice Sartor, Information Systems and Technology

In my senior year of high school, it became apparent to me that I wasn't interested in the traditional, big-college experience. I wanted education to be integrated into my life, not the other way around. It was important to me that the school I chose offered small class sizes and allowed me to remain close to my family. Another factor in deciding where to go was transferability. My goal was to fulfill my general requirements through a two-year degree, then transition to Bellevue University for my four-year degree.

After the initial visit with my advisor at MCC, I was confident in what the pathway would look like and how seamless it was. We set up a plan together for my degree requirements, then all of the credits would transfer to Bellevue University upon completion.

Throughout my time at MCC, I was able to connect with guidance resources, whether financial, academical or advising. I value how the diversity of the classroom, in respect to the faculty and students, enriched my learning experience—in fact, I am still in contact with some instructors and peers today.

Since the conferral of my A.A. from MCC, I have also completed a B.S. in Business and an M.S. in Organizational Performance from Bellevue University. I will always value the knowledge and experience I gained at my community college—MCC—because it laid the foundation for my educational and professional career.
Corina Snyder, Liberal Arts/Academic Transfer, Spring 2007 graduate Corina Snyder

What I love about MCC is the many locations, the affordability, the great teachers and the small classes that make it easier to ask questions. My major is Nursing. This Fall, I am transferring to Nebraska Methodist to pursue a bachelor's degree and become a nurse! I hope to work in a hospital in the NICU area or wherever I find my passion.
Karina Corral, Nursing

I began my college career as a nontraditional student when the youngest of my five kids was in her sophomore year of high school. I was hoping I still had the ability to learn! I knew that if I could get through the required math and English courses that I would succeed. The tutors at MCC's math and writing centers were invaluable in helping me achieve those short-term goals. I began with the intention of pursuing a career in childhood education until I saw the pamphlet on MCC's Paralegal program. I knew that this program was for me, and now, in my sixth quarter, I couldn't be more satisfied with my choice. MCC's Paralegal program is one of only two programs in the area accredited by the American Bar Association. Each and every instructor, full-time and adjunct alike, go above and beyond to see to it that each student is successful in setting and meeting our goals.

MCC offers a great environment to thrive in every aspect. The class size coupled with the terrific staff create an atmosphere for higher learning that is unsurpassable. Thank you MCC for the opportunity to become an integral part of my community by providing all the tools each student needs to accomplish their goals.
Michelle Bystrek, Paralegal

Well, outside of the food court at the South Omaha Campus on Mondays, the flexibility of the class schedules is completely unparalleled. I can't think of any other means for me to get an education while working full-time and spending time with my family. Right now I'm pursuing a civil engineering degree for pennies on the dollar and loving it. I'm not sure what the future holds for me, but I can be confident that I'll be better prepared for it with a degree.
Charles Alday, Civil Engineering

I value the high academic standards along with the necessary corollary of solid academic integrity at MCC. For example, the textbooks are challenging and the deadlines are well-defined. Further, MCC provides eminent staff that undertake their roles with a serious enthusiasm infused with a great depth of knowledge. For an Information Systems major planning to attempt a Master's in Computer Science at UNO this fall, I am grateful for the state-of-the-art software and hardware that has always been available to me.
Shawn O'Brien, Information Systems

I love that I have an "extended" family at MCC. I have made some wonderful friends that have encouraged and supported me at my lowest times. The instructors have pushed me outside of my comfort zone and have expected me to go above and beyond. I have maintained and achieved every goal that has been set before me. My self-confidence has risen, and I have shown my four children that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance. With savory foods being my major area of focus, I plan on expanding my late grandfather's catering business. This was his legacy, and it will live on through me all because of what I have learned at MCC.
Nickie Greco, Culinary Arts, Spring 2012 graduateNickie Greco

I love MCC because being a single mom to a two-year-old daughter and a cancer patient, MCC has provided me with the flexibility of taking online and classroom classes. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and have an incredible amount of experience in the criminal justice field, so you know that what is being taught is current to the education you are getting. Instructors are accessible through online discussions or office meetings. I have maintained a 3.5 grade point average and have made the Dean's List while going through chemo treatments.
Deena Merten, Criminal Justice

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