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Protecting Students and Taxpayers Top Priority for MCC Board

Winter 2008 | Archives

On Nov. 10, Metropolitan Community College leaders announced legislative efforts to freeze the state´s community college funding formula. As currently written, the formula requires MCC to increase property taxes to provide for property tax relief for other areas in Nebraska. The formula took effect in 2007.

The freeze in funding is one of three legislative priorities approved unanimously by the MCC Board of Governors to prevent the state´s new funding priorities from going into effect, requiring property tax increases, tuition increases or both. The College operates from tuition dollars, property taxes and state aid.

"The funding formula should be structured to reward community colleges for efficiently providing an excellent education that attracts and keeps students," said Dave Newell, Board of Governors chair. "MCC does not support an increase in state aid because the formula does not distribute funding in the best interest of education."

Over the next few months, MCC´s leaders will educate the community and State Senators about concerns with a funding formula that promotes property tax relief instead of high quality and affordable education.

MCC´s three priorities for the 2009 legislative session are:

  1. In determining state aid, maintain community college funding formula provisions used to determine state aid for 2008-09.
  2. MCC will work towards greater funding for developmental programs and English-as-a-Second Language classes because of their high cost and importance to the communities that need them.
  3. Request the Coordinating Commission for Postsecondary Education evaluate Nebraska´s community college system to determine how to effectively and fairly fund the community colleges and suggest ways to promote a more effective and efficient community college system that promotes effective education and local control.

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