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MCC Launches Newspaper Readership Program

Winter 2008 | Archives

Beginning Oct. 6, Metropolitan Community College partnered with USA Today Education to implement the Collegiate Readership Program, putting the world of news and current events at students´ fingertips.

Monday through Friday throughout the 2008-09 academic year, copies of USA Today and the Omaha World-Herald will be available at several MCC locations free of charge for students. This initiative intends to promote civic engagement on campus and broaden student awareness of current issues through newspaper access and readership. Student readership will be monitored throughout the year, and feedback from students will help determine the effectiveness of the program and its impact on the College. Resources are available to faculty to utilize this tool in the classroom across a variety of disciplines.

The newspapers are available at the Fort Omaha Campus (Bldg 10 and Bldg 30), South Omaha Campus (Connector Commons) and Elkhorn Valley Campus (Commons). Recycling bins are placed near the displays, and all unused newspapers are collected and recycled daily. The displays in use are open stand displays, but these will be replaced with card reader displays that distribute a paper after reading a valid MCC student ID card.

Budgeted and funded by student activities, the College only pays for the newspapers picked up at a discounted educational rate.

"Not only is this a great way to encourage students to read the newspaper, but faculty are beginning to use them as teaching tools in their classrooms," said vice president of Campuses and Student Affairs Arthur Rich.

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